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CC15535 Framework for the Supply, Installation, and Testing of Portable Fire Equipment

Following a review, a price increase has been agreed for the Fully Inclusive Package of a fire extinguisher, from 1 July 2021, to £5.95.

Contractor: Churches Fire and Security Ltd
Contact details: Customer Services, Churches Fire and Security Ltd, Fire House, Mayflower Close, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire SO53 4AR.
Tel: 08706084350
Vendor Number: 1164062.

HCC Contacts:
Sarah Wild 0370 7791 721 or
Lesley Tollefsen 0370 779 8713

Furniture Ordering

Due to a global shortage of raw materials, including steel and MDF, suppliers are reporting an imbalance between supply and demand, due in part to the Covid pandemic. This has lead to unprecedented cost increases which, unfortunately, are being passed onto customers.

If you are considering purchasing furniture please ensure you contact suppliers direct to check availability and current pricing before placing your order, as prices quoted in the 2021-22 County Supplies Catalogue may now be incorrect.

Snopake / Warrens Office – Price correction

Please note there is an error in the pricing listed on the Snopake / Warrens Office advert, shown on page 484 of the 2021-22 Catalogue.

The product 1600XCD (code 40244) Cross Cut Shredder is listed at £39.00. The correct price is £215.00.

For more information please contact Tracey Mort at County Supplies on 0370 779 8423 or

Vendor number for Willowbrook Education Ltd

The vendor number for Willowbrook shown on pages 704-711 of the 2021-22 catalogue is incorrect. The correct vendor number is 1074278.

If you would like further information please contact Kate Thompson or Lesley Tollefsen at County Supplies on:

Kate: 0370 779 6295 or

Lesley: 0370 779 8713 or