• Spooky Cat

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  • Festive Fairies

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  • Pine Cone Snowy Owl

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  • Easter Puppets

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Crafty ideas

All year round craft projects

We love crafts at County Supplies. On this page you can find lots of easy-to-make projects for various celebrations throughout the year.

Many of the products used are available to purchase from County Supplies, either via eStore or County Supplies Online.

How-to sheets to download

These projects are all easy to make, however they do vary in simplicity. Please use our handy numbering system as a guide when choosing which project to try:

1 – Easiest to make
2 – Medium simplicity
3 – Trickiest to make


Spring and Easter projects

Other celebrations

How-to Videos

Easy to make spooky witch's cat

Carrot gift boxes