FAQs and guidance for mail collections and delivery

If you have questions about mail collection and delivery, contact County Supplies.

What is changing and why
What is changing?

The Hampshire Transport Management (HTM) Courier Service is joining forces with the County Supplies delivery team.

From 1 June 2020, all courier mail will be collected and distributed by the County Supplies Logistics team, along with stock deliveries.

Why are we making these changes?

There is reduced demand for traditional courier services. Many documents are sent electronically.

With a combined delivery team, we can build a strong, efficient and reliable service that is fit for the future.

And with climate change high on our agenda, these changes will help reduce our carbon footprint.

Using the mail service
How do I request a mail collection?

If you are an HCC LEA school you will now be required to request a mail collection via eStore; enter the free of charge catalogue number 123456 to request a mail or recorded delivery collection.

What can be sent via the mail collection service?

Anything, within reason, can be sent via this service. For extraordinary mail and parcel items, please contact County Supplies to discuss your requirements.

How do I request a recorded mail collection?

Complete a Recorded Delivery Form (pads can be obtained from County Supplies Logistics on request) and attach to the outgoing item. Then, if you are a Hampshire LEA school, raise an order via eStore (using catalogue number 123456) as with any other mail collection request.

Is there a charge for the recorded mail service?

There is no charge for this service.

Is the Private and Confidential Mail Service still available to use?

All mail handled by the County Supplies Logistics team is treated as private and confidential in accordance with GDPR regulations. Therefore, a separate Private and Confidential Mail service is no longer necessary. For particularly sensitive mail we would recommend using the Recorded Mail Service.

Is there a weight restriction for parcels?

For health and safety purposes individual parcels must not exceed 15kg. Please contact County Supplies if you have any extraordinary requirements.

Does the service include bulk mail collections?

Yes, by prior agreement. Please contact County Supplies to discuss your requirements.

Is there a charge for bulk mail collections?

It’s possible, depending on the size and weight of items to be conveyed. Please contact County Supplies discuss your requirements.

Will I still receive school meal deliveries?

Yes, as per your usual arrangements with Education Catering.

Will curriculum boxes continue to be collected and delivered?

Yes, but with some changes. Curriculum box collection requests are made in the same way as mail collection requests. There may also be some changes to the days on which collections and deliveries are made to your location. Please contact County Supplies if you have any queries regarding curriculum boxes.

Mail Collections and Mail Deliveries
Will I still need to use the courier codes?

All courier codes have now changed. See the full list of updated codes.

Will I see changes to my delivery and collection days?

Your mail delivery and collection days may change. Please contact County Supplies if you are unsure.

What are the deadlines to ensure my delivery/collection is on the next scheduled delivery day?

The ordering deadlines for both shopping and mail collections will be the same.

Will this impact how I shop with County Supplies?

No, there will be no change to the service provided by County Supplies.