Business terms - Direct Supply

Ordering: Be Sure To Quote The Contract Reference Number

To ensure customers benefit from the advantageous contract price, and are protected by the Contract Terms and Conditions negotiated with the supplier, they should always quote the Contract Reference number on orders.


Prices for Direct Delivery products may be subject to change at any time during the life of the Catalogue in line with price increases, or decreases, from manufacturers and distributors.

Prices quoted in the Catalogue are exclusive of VAT.

Delivery Times

Customers should contact the supplier for advice and information on delivery times.

Delivery Checking and Reporting Discrepancies

Suppliers' consignments should be checked thoroughly and all cartons emptied before reporting discrepancies. Damage or shortages must be reported direct to the supplier within the supplier's stipulated time limit.


Where an order for goods or services is placed with a supplier, the Customer shall be responsible for the settlement of the Supplier's invoice within the stipulated payment period.

Goods For Personal Use

County Supplies cannot supply/sell equipment or materials by direct delivery or call-off arrangements to private individuals for personal use.

Conditions Of Contract

Direct Delivery purchasing arrangements are made by County Supplies, CBC and Pro5 in accordance with Hampshire County Council's Contract Standing Orders.

Updating Customers

Products may change during the lifetime of the catalogue. Amendments, additions and deletions to the products described in the catalogue appear in the Catalogue Updates which are published monthly on this website.

Payment Terms

For Internal Customers the County Council's Charter of Service applies. The Charter states that the Council's policy is to make payments within 30 days of the invoice date unless other contractual conditions apply.

For External Customers who receive invoices direct from suppliers it is expected that the relevant payment terms will be respected.

Service Charges

County Supplies is a self-funding unit of Hampshire County Council. It does not operate for profit, but must recover the costs of its operations. By using these direct delivery/call-off arrangements the customer agrees to the County Council arranging framework contracts on its behalf and receiving an arrangement fee from the supplier of the goods, services and/or works as consideration.