Digitisation Service at Hampshire Archives and Local Studies

Digitisation is the process of converting information from an analogue format into a digital one. Put simply, it is creating digital copies of physical items.

Hampshire Archives and Local Studies (HALS) has offered a digitisation service since 2013. The service is available for any customer, regardless of the size or duration of the project. We have undertaken bespoke digitisation projects, ranging from small personal collections to larger commissions for organisations.

What do we offer?

Our process is straightforward and extremely collaborative. We work with you to establish the aims of your project and discuss your ideal outcome. Together, we decide upon the best approach and advise on options to consider. We'll ask you a detailed set of questions with your answers building the correct specification for the project.

Our thorough approach ensures your aims remain at the forefront of our work. It means we offer a high quality, considered digitisation project with you at its heart.

Why digitise?

Digitisation allows you to preserve fragile materials and access their valuable information. By making a digital copy of a precious document, you protect the original.

  • Digitised material is much easier to access. Digital documents are made available via computers, tablets or mobile devices and can reach a much wider audience. Plus, digitised content is versatile and can be suitable for mass communication across a range of channels.
  • Digitisation is a quick way to free up space. While physical documents take up a large amount of space, digitised records could potentially use only cloud-based storage. This is great if you're committed to going green, as digital records can equal paper-free storage!
  • Digitising delicate materials preserves their content so that there is a digital record of the item, even if the original is destroyed. Digitisation also extends an item's life as its contents are accessible without physically handling it.
  • Digitisation saves you time. We cover the digitisation process from planning through to execution, which means we do all the work.

Why choose us?

Once you've decided on digitisation, it's important to ensure your documents are in the right hands. As an archive service, we're a great choice.

  • Experience
  • Careful handling
  • Bespoke service
  • Customer centred process
  • Understand the process and respect the importance of the originals

How do we charge?

Our digitisation commissions are charged on a project by project basis; contact us to discuss your quote.

We charge for the product we know will meet your needs, so each customer will receive a uniquely priced package.


If we've missed anything, get in touch. Or if you'd like to chat to us about a possible digitisation project, we're all ears. We're keen to help, so contact us to get your digitisation commission underway.

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