EBIS reports

This page contains regular reports, factsheets and a sample of client commissioned reports.

For further information contact:

Gareth Henry
Principal Socio-economic Researcher 
Email [email protected]

Ivan Perkovic
Economic & Business Intelligence Service Manager 
Email [email protected]

Regular reports

Regular reports are recurring EBIS publications primarily covering monthly or quarterly economic and labour market updates.

Labour market

Monthly and quarterly labour market update

Ward claimant counts

Joining the distribution list

If you would like to be added to the email distribution list for the labour market bulletin or ward counts, contact [email protected].

Monthly intelligence dashboards
Evidence base reports

Major reports that have informed and supported policy decision making and/or service delivery.

Economy, labour market and skills
State of economy
State of society
Annual progress report
Sector propositions

Report to be added

Facts and figures
Commissioned reports

A selection of EBIS client commissioned reports.

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