Student filming

Hampshire has plenty to offer budding student filmmakers. With our rich array of historic buildings, open coastline and rolling countryside, the county can set the scene for a range of different types of productions.

We've put together a selection of useful filming tips which we hope will help student filmmakers across the county.

Unfortunately we can't advise on productions or filming.

Finding the right location

We all know how important finding the right film location is, especially if it is something which goes towards your final qualification. However, the majority of locations listed on our website will require some form of financial exchange for any filming that takes place. Please be realistic about what you can afford and exactly what you are looking for in the location. It is often hard to facilitate filmmakers with no budget. In this instance, we would suggest trying to make use of free spaces as much as possible. This might include filming in and around your campus, in open spaces outdoors or even in your own home!

It also helps to be as specific as possible when searching for your ideal film location.

Filming on public highways

Check the filming on highways information if you need to film on Hampshire's public highways, even if you don't require a road closure, 


You will need permission from the relevant local authority when planning to film in a public place (e.g. beach, woodland), highways or council owned property/land. You must contact property owners directly when filming on private land. If the private property is listed on our website, we can contact them on your behalf. We do not give out contact details for the owners of private houses without their consent.

Film Hampshire do not issue/deal with permits/permissions, filming agreements or risk assessments. These are normally organised by the relevant district or city council or property owner.

Find a local council (postcode required)

What you will need:

  • Details of what your project is including how long you wish to film for and when, size of crew and budget
  • Public liability insurance
  • Risk assessment

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