Helpdesk service

We pride ourselves on having a team of highly qualified and experienced Health and Safety Advisers who can provide advice and support to your business. Our helpdesk service is available to assist as a support network for your organisation.

It is likely that Hampshire County Council has the largest team of competent health and safety advisors in Hampshire and beyond. Our knowledgeable team has experience in dealing with a wide range of health and safety topics, which are often high risk, complex, and at times involve some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

Our Health and Safety Advisers form part of a wider network of professionals, ranging from specialist lawyers to professional scientists. The helpdesk service has been designed to provide easy access to this team of professionals through a shared email box.

Testimonial from Havant Borough Council

“In 2018 we sought support from HCC Health and Safety team by way of a 'sounding board'. They provided a generic email address and contact telephone number, which we refer to as a helpline. If I need to seek guidance or have a query, I simply email the team and they respond, nine times out of ten I know the answer, but it is good to have others I can check in with. I have found the team to be very pleasant and helpful. They have certainly ensured we are well looked after and supported, and I could not fault the support offered.

"I also touch base with a member of the team monthly via Teams and have the opportunity to ask questions, again they are very helpful and supportive. We discuss the tasks I am working on, and they provide advice and support where required. It's nice to have a phone a friend, when your service works in isolation, it's also good for colleagues in my absence to have a backup to go to.”