Minibus Driver Training (MiDAS)

The MiDAS Driver Training scheme helps improve minibus passenger safety by working with your organisation to improve the standard of minibus driving

What is MiDAS?

MiDAS stands for Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme. It represents a training programme that results in a nationally recognised standard of competence for driving a minibus, lasting for four years. MiDAS driver training is run by HTM and module options are available for both standard and accessible vehicles.

The course offers:
  • Assessment of your driving against recognised standards
  • A qualification recognised nationally by other MiDAS members
  • Improved driver confidence
  • Benefits that can transfer to your own car driving
To Book a MiDAS training courses for Car/MPV or Passenger Assistance, please contact us

Is MiDAS for you?

Hampshire County Council Policy stresses that all those driving or operating minibuses on Council business should be trained to MiDAS standards.

The training is available to all schools, colleges, voluntary organisations and council departments using minibuses in Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton.

Please be advised that there are restrictions on what vehicle can be driven subject to licence categories held i.e., B / D1. For further information, please get in touch or visit our Information for Minibus Operators page.

What does the training involve?
  • Candidates will be trained on all minibus equipment, safety issues and minibus law
  • A practical driving session is included in the training in order to improve and develop driving skills
  • Candidates are assessed to ensure safe driving standards via a theory test and a practical driving skills assessment
  • A certificate is issued to candidates on successful completion of the course

Charges for MiDAS Training

  • Standard Induction module training
  • £90 per delegate
  • for up to three delegates, 1 day course
  • Accessible module training
  • £150 per delegate
  • for up to three delegates, 2 day course

Standard Induction £90 (first time MiDAS driver) – Induction Refresher £90 (driver has a valid MiDAS certificate (within 3 months of expiry date); Accessible £150 (2 day. For Specialist Needs and Wheelchairs); Accessible Refresher £150 (2 day).

  • Costs include Trainer, use of minibus, certificates and course materials
  • Courses are run at Bar End, Winchester, 9am to 4pm
  • Offsite training may be available at an additional charge, but must be pre-arranged
  • Hampshire schools who lease a new contract hire minibus leased through HTM are entitled to free MiDAS training for one person
  • Delegates don’t have to be from the same organisation
  • A refresher course can be taken at the same cost