About us

The National Association of Construction Frameworks (NACF) is playing a unique role in leading the ongoing adoption of best practice in local government

Building on our past successes, the NACF is working together with the Local Government Association (LGA) to help shape the future of local government construction. Between us, we deliver over £1.5bn of construction work a year. We share key objectives to build quality assets to cost and time whilst ensuring we deliver social value through support to the local economy, employment and skills.

Our partnerships with the private sector give us a unique insight into the construction market and enable us to better inform local and central government through our market intelligence and understanding of the supply chain. Our combined data demonstrates we outperform traditional construction procurement.



  • Maintenance of framework information - central database for regional information
  • Support for the Government Construction Strategy
  • Sharing of best practice - expertise and knowledge
  • National voice - in central and local government

Management and measurement

  • Contractor workload and performance
  • Demonstration of benefits to public bodies: cost, time, sustainability and social value

Innovation and development

  • Benchmarking
  • Best in class design, procurement and delivery

The NACF is actively supporting delivery of Local Government Construction through:

  • Nationally agreed KPI’s
  • Quarterly Market Intelligence
  • Leadership BIM for Local Government
  • “Effective Frameworks” expertise
  • Fair Payment
  • Support for PAS 91
  • Supply Chain developments
  • Construction cost benchmarking
  • Adding Social value and innovation through construction

Regional construction frameworks

  • Total current annual workload
  • £1,985m
  • YORhub
  • £700m
  • Southern Construction Framework
  • £500m
  • North West Construction Hub
  • £200m
  • Constructing West Midlands
  • £150m
  • £125m
  • Scape Procure regional construction
  • £100m
  • North Wales Construction Framework
  • £80m
  • Midlands Highway Alliance
  • £50m
  • Midlands Highway Alliance
  • £50m
  • North East Procurement Organisation
  • £30m