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Primary Authority Partnership
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What is a Primary Authority Partnership?

A Primary Authority Partnership (PAP) is a legally recognised agreement with us (the regulators) for on-going advice and guidance. We also offer co-ordinated PAPs with trade associations who pass our advice to their members.

Our expert guidance applies throughout the UK and other regulators must take this into consideration when carrying out inspections or dealing with non-compliance. You will significantly reduce the risk of action being taken against your business the more comprehensive your package is with us.

These partnerships help reduce costs by aiding compliance, mitigating risk and providing certainty. From start-ups and small businesses to importers and manufacturers, we will help you to operate with confidence.

What are the benefits

  • Peace of mind - knowing you are compliant
  • Nationally recognised regulatory advice
  • Reduces cost of compliance - by providing certainty
  • Reduces risk of non-compliance - e.g. no costs associated with impounded items when advice is followed
  • Simplified regulatory process - by working with a single local authority
  • A single point of contact - a designated officer who will get to know your business
  • Expert guidance - our team of knowledgeable officers have worked with trade associations, large and small retailers, manufacturers and importers, and a wide variety of sectors
what are the benefits
bespoke business advice

Bespoke Business Advice

We understand that every business is unique and requires tailored advice to meet its individual needs. Whether you need clarity on a specific issue or a solution to a complex problem, our experienced officers can help.

As well as bespoke advice, we also provide:

  • Analytical and label checking services
  • Arbitration and mediation
  • Auditing
  • Contract monitoring
  • Customer complaint analysis
  • Mystery shopping services
  • Terms & conditions checks
  • Weights & measures testing

What legislation is covered?

  • age restricted sales
  • agriculture/animal feed
  • contract law
  • environmental protection
  • explosives licensing
  • fair trading
  • farm animal health
  • food standards and labelling
  • metrology (weights and measures)
  • petroleum licensing
  • product safety
what legislation is covered


Charging under a Primary Authority Partnership is on a cost recovery only basis of £81 per hour + VAT.

The amount of time required will depend on what support your business needs and will form part of our early discussions with you. Each business is different and so it varies between partnerships.

Our minimum package costs £810 and includes:

  • Setting up the PA agreement.
  • Registering the application with the Office of Product Safety & Standards.
  • Applying for approval from the Secretary of State.
  • An action plan and familiarisation visit by your PA officer (if appropriate) during the application process.

Any time that remains after the PAP agreement and action plan have been set up will be used for advice and support.

The fees charged and the scope of the partnership will be reviewed at regular intervals during the lifetime of the partnership and in any case no longer than every 12 months.

By arranging the number of hours in advance you will be securing the time of your Primary Authority officer for the coming year, as well as securing the other benefits of being in a Primary Authority Partnership. These hours are pre-allocated and non-refundable.

Why us?

By taking part in a Primary Authority Partnership (PAP) you will get access to the resources and expertise of Trading Standards, plus access to three other regulators - Fire & Rescue, Environmental Health and Licensing.

We have worked with a variety of industries, including manufacturers, distributors, importers and retailers across sectors including food, feed stuffs, consumer goods and care. We also have experience of working with a range of trade associations.

We are based in the South East, but your business does not need to be located here to enter into a partnership with us.

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