Contract Award Notice for: AS11735 Tier 2 Care and Support at Home

Details of Contractors who have successfully been awarded contract(s)

AS11735 Care and Support at Home Tier 2 is a call-off which has been run under the Help to Live at Home Open Framework, set up under the light touch regulations. Tier 2 is available for all providers accepted onto the framework to apply for.

When applying for tier 2, providers need to pass a number of pass/fail questions relating to the service they deliver. In addition, they need to submit a consolidated hourly rate for all zones they wish to provide care in.

Providers are able to set up to three rates for each zone they wish to work in. A standard rate which must be within the rate range started in the tender documentation and two enhanced rates. There are no caps on the enhanced rates providers can set.

Once accepted onto tier 2 there is no guarantee of any packages. All packages of care will be offered to the tier 1 contract in the zone first. Only those packages which the tier 1 provider cannot accept will be referred to tier 2.

A competition will then be run where all providers accepted onto tier 2 can bid for the package at the rates they set in their originally tender submission.

The Framework Term: 9 August 2017 - 8 August 2022 (initial period), plus options to extend for a period of up to two years.

Maximum spend limit for the framework is £735m.

The Framework was tendered electronically. Original Framework OJEU notice:_OJEU_2017/S 151-312902.