Fire safety

Information that will help you to create and maintain a fire manual for your school or place of work

Introduction to Fire Safety

The Fire Safety Team has developed robust arrangements to ensure compliance with current fire legislation – the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This includes templates to develop suitable, sufficient and risk appropriate fire precautions within buildings, and management systems to enable the safe evacuation of people.

Our services include:
  • Technical support and specialist fire safety advice to building users
  • Detailed fire precaution surveys, to fit with the risk profile and target resources, to improve structural precautions through an annual programme of work
  • Collaborating with other landlords for leased buildings to ensure maintenance of fire protection devices and to ensure the safety of building users
  • Maintenance to structural fire precautions, fire alarms and emergency lighting, as identified during local fire risk assessments or within
  • SLA agreements and landlord responsibilities
Fire Safety Manual

The Fire Safety Manual is designed to assist Managers, Head teachers and employees to ensure that the premises in which you work is safe from fire.

You should review your Fire Safety Manual annually or when any significant changes occur to the building or it's use.

Instructions on how to use the Word documents:

Each 'Word' document now includes: questions, advice and possible answers which you can choose by 'ticking' the appropriate box


Print and file in your Fire Safety Manual

  1. Fire Safety Policy Statement and Responsible Manager and reporting Diagrams
  2. Management Plan

The Fire Safety Management Plan is the document indicating your local policies for managing fire safety. These will demonstrate the minimum requirements and therefore will be likely to satisfy an enforcing authority audit when this occurs. With local knowledge you should also include other specific issues to your workplace.

The 'Responsible Manager' should complete, print and file in your Fire Safety Manual.

Emergency Plan

The emergency plan should consider all aspects associated with the emergency evacuation of the building should a fire occur. Part of this plan will be the evacuation procedures but other prearranged actions/management procedures must be considered and included as appropriate.

The 'Responsible Manager' should ensure this section is completed, printed and filed in your Fire Safety Manual

Fire Emergency Plan

Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment comprise six documents. Complete each section print it and file in the Fire Safety Manual

Section 1 – Fire Safety Management System

Section 2 – Hazards and Ignition Sources

Section 3 – Fire Exits & Exit Routes (Means of Escape)

Section 4 – Emergency Lighting

Section 5 – Fire Alarm Systems

Section 6 – Fire Fighting Equipment

The 'Responsible Manager' needs to ensure a Fire Risk Assessment is prepared by a ‘Competent Person’. Suitable training is available from the Learning Zone.

Training Programme

The 'Responsible Manager' should ensure this section is completed and filed in your Fire Safety Manual

Staff Fire Safety Training Attendance Record

Staff Fire Safety Training Year Planner

Fire Safety Training Programme

Training is available from Hampshire County Council. Please contact workforce development.

Review and record

Management Review

This section is a self audit tool which the 'Responsible Manager' or another with delegated responsibility may wish to use to check their fire safety management systems.

Fire Safety Management Review Form

Test Details and Records

This section offers a range of templates to record your testing regimes.

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