Our continued drive towards a greener and cleaner future

Jun 18 2019

Car charging

During sustainable energy week (17 – 21 June), and in recognition of Clean Air Day on Thursday 20 June, we look at the trailblazing initiatives Hampshire County Council’s (HCC) Property Services team has launched in a drive to save energy, as well as look ahead to exciting projects in the pipeline.

As part of the Council’s continued investment and support for sustainable energy solutions, HCC Property Services launched the Central Southern Regional Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Framework in April 2018. The Framework is leading the way in getting more EV charging points installed across Hampshire and the southern region.  To date, councils and suppliers have used the Framework to install 82 charging points, and in the next few months 136 charging points will be installed across Hampshire and the southern region.

With sales of Electric Vehicles increasing, (by 55% in Hampshire last year), this framework is going from strength to strength, helping to improve air quality and improve the Council’s carbon footprint. From analysis of usage data, such as the frequency of use, most used charge points and the average length of charging, infrastructure can be delivered where it’s needed most.

Replacing lighting with LED (Light Emitting Diode) is another example of Property Services’ commitment to energy reduction, with projects completed in a wide range of buildings from activity centres, museums, libraries and schools. The LED programme anticipates nearly £150,000 of annual savings along with over 1,200,000 kWh and 466 tonnes of carbon savings per year on projects completed to date. It doesn’t stop there - Property’s Energy Programme which focuses on Hampshire schools also includes improving heating, insulation and draught-proofing to help schools achieve energy savings and reduce carbon emissions. Since the programme started 15 school projects have been completed, with another seven programmed for the summer, saving a total of £105,000, 1,157,000 kW and 370 tonnes of carbon each year.

Property Services has also installed solar panels on all its corporate buildings and is now delivering the roll out of solar panels to all of Hampshire Fire & Rescue Services buildings – continuing the drive to save energy.

Looking ahead? The energy team continues to focus on finding opportunities for a greener and cleaner future and is now exploring exciting proposals with the Council’s Economy Transport Environment department at the possibility of providing the infrastructure for kerbside electric vehicle charging points. There is also work going on behind the scenes to develop further offers for schools, install more solar panels, and work with more authorities to deliver energy and carbon savings. With all this in mind Hampshire County Council has reviewed its carbon reduction target, and increased its saving to cut carbon from 40% to 50% by 2025.

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