The pioneering Property Services Generalist Graduate Scheme

Did you know that we run a Property Services Generalist Graduate Scheme, offering a fantastic opportunity for graduates to join our successful public sector organisation?

Sep 4 2017


As graduates don’t need to have a property-related degree to apply, the scheme attracts graduates with transferrable skills who bring a different perspective to Property Services.

During the two-year scheme, which has been running since 2013/14, individuals experience four six-month placements and develop key foundation management skills for the future through our Career Development Programme. By gaining an insight into lots of different areas of Property Services, the scheme creates well rounded individuals who are then in a great position to make the right choice for their permanent role within Property Services, as at the end of the scheme there is a guaranteed position.

Our current cohort of generalist graduates, Bethany, Rachel and Matthew joined this summer, and here are their stories so far.


I applied to join the Generalist Graduate scheme because I was looking for an opportunity to gain experience of working in the public sector. It has always been really important to me that the work I do has social benefit and is public value driven. I was also really attracted by the ‘generalist’ feel of the scheme, I have always been a bit of an all-rounder and really enjoy variety when it comes to work and learning. I am pleased to say that this has certainly been the case so far on the scheme.
I have only been here six weeks and I have already had the opportunity to contribute towards a major project that is currently taking place in Property Services. The focus on innovative thinking and creative problem solving is helping me build on skills I gained from my time studying Psychology at university.
I’m really enjoying the challenge and responsibility so far and I am excited to have the opportunity to help shape the future of Property Services.


I decided to apply to be a generalist graduate within Property Services because it is a varied role offering many different opportunities across a large department. I have never been sure about what I wanted to do as a career, and even the first few weeks has allowed me to develop many skills, ranging from data analysis to strategic consultancy.
Having always seen myself as an ‘all rounder’, the programme is a fantastic way to be able to explore different avenues, building on strengths and also taking on new challenges within different placements.
The fact that you can apply with a degree in any discipline exemplifies the value which is placed on the alternative perspectives and new ideas graduates can bring to the table.


I joined the Property Services graduate scheme after completing my Environmental Science degree. I had never considered property as a career path, but was excited to gain some experience, develop myself and find something I enjoy. I was keen to put my degree to good use and I feel that this graduate role will give me the opportunity to do that, whether it is directly working on an environmental-related property or Hampshire County Council project or indirectly using the skills and knowledge I developed during my studies.
The Property Services graduate scheme offers a great amount of variation in the workplace, which is one of the things that attracted me to the role. Almost every day is different, with new tasks and challenges. The Property Services graduate scheme is a great opportunity to learn, and develop existing skills.

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