Working together for positive place-making

Aug 27 2019

Image from the Twyford workshop

The importance of `sense of place’ for health and well-being is well known, especially when you’re planning changes to community open spaces or facilities, and our in-house Specialist Stakeholder Engagement Team offer a helping hand to schools, country parks, communities and external clients at an early planning stage so they can take a step back and look collaboratively at the `bigger picture’ before development.

‘A forum where I could share my thoughts in a welcoming environment’
Workshop attendee – Twyford Parish Council workshop July 2019

Recognising the importance of early engagement, the team offers a bespoke service `Place-making through collaborative planning’ with workshops run and facilitated by a highly experienced Landscape Architect. Client-led, with the client identifying the internal or external spaces they wish to review and selecting and inviting participants, these workshops provide an opportunity for all sectors of the local community to be represented.

The Specialist Stakeholder Engagement Team recently ran a very successful stakeholder engagement workshop with Twyford Parish Council. Looking to invest in their open spaces as part of a five-year strategy, the Parish recognised that engaging with their stakeholders is a worthwhile investment as part of this.

Receiving some great feedback from attendees, including: ‘excellent collaborative working’ and ‘community enthusiasm for our treasured open spaces’, the resulting workshop report will be used to underpin the Parish Council’s strategic approach to their open spaces and to build consensus locally, as well as to tap into fundraising opportunities.

If you’re interested in Place-making through collaborative planning and would like to find out more, please get in touch with Jo Wheeler-Bennett, Landscape Architect (Strategy):

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