National reputation for public building expertise

We deal with all stages of construction from viability, feasibility, design, procurement and project management through to soft landings. Through demonstrable delivery, we work for many public sector organisations, from Hampshire Fire and Rescue to Poole Borough Council.

Available services include:

Architectural design

A national reputation built on visionary public sector building designs

You can work alongside our 50+ strong team of architects to create a public sector building to suit all budgets and occupancy requirements. We offer a bespoke or responsive range of services to clients. From a critical friend role to viability, feasibility, visionary design, technical assurance, procurement and implementation of projects, soft landing and post occupancy review.

Case studies: architectural design

Community engagement

Bringing your local stakeholders into the conversation

The People and Place-making team offers support to those thinking about improving their spaces and becoming more sustainable. For example:

  • schools
  • country parks
  • local communities
  • external clients

We work collaboratively with stakeholder groups. We help people to take a step back and look at the `bigger picture’ of their spaces before development. One of our highly experienced Landscape Architect will run a workshop. These provide an opportunity for all sectors of the local community to be involved in the development of a long-term and sustainable strategy for their site.

Building local interest and ownership through early engagement and ‘place-making’ helps to resolve challenges. It enables successful planning and project design.

People and Place-making

Heritage architecture

Saving the past for the future

Our team of historic and conservation specialists have delivered very successful, high quality and innovative projects involving conversions and extensions to listed buildings. We can help you with conservation and design within an historic setting.

We have good working relationships with conservation bodies, including English Heritage and Local Authority Conservation Officers. We have completed many successful projects with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Case studies: historic buildings

Interior design

Transforming to achieve exceptional results

We understand our clients have challenges ahead. Money is stretched, making the interior designer's contribution even more valuable. Our team of highly experienced designers can provide you with the greatest impact for the level of investment available, delivering distinctive interiors for modest sums of money. For example, a recent refurbishment project transformed over 200 square metres of tired school accommodation into a new reception area, library and staff meeting room with a furniture fit out, all for a budget of less than £19,000.

We work with our clients to provide instant improvements, but look to the long term to ensure they have robust and enduring solutions.

Case studies: interior design

Landscape architecture

Making the most of your outdoor space

Our qualified landscape architects will collaborate closely with you to create outdoor environments that sensitively complement your buildings and will be enjoyed by the community you serve. Our broad range of in-house expertise will ensure your external space is welcoming, extends and complements internal spaces, whilst being sustainable and integrated.

Case studies: landscape architecture

Structural engineering

The keystone to any construction project

Key to our success is the one-stop shop which ensures integrated designs between our structural engineers, architects, building surveyors and all other disciplines.

Our team of in-house structural engineers support new and existing building projects as well as providing planned and reactive solutions.

Case studies: engineering

Mechanical and electrical design

Innovative design solutions

We have qualified and experienced engineers who assess and advise clients and other members of the design team on the most cost-effective strategies for achieving the desired design. Our engineers support our external clients, such as Reading Borough Council, to identify, shape and deliver programmes of planned maintenance, extending the life of public assets.

Accessibility team

Ensuring inclusion for all

Our access officers have a comprehensive knowledge of construction and we can advise you on your project to ensure that:

  • inclusion is considered at all stages through to practical completion
  • all designs meet current regulations and best practices

Case studies: accessibility

Building surveying

Supporting the whole lifecycle of a building

Whether you are buying, selling, leasing or managing a property, our professional surveyors can help you make sound and informed property decisions.

Our surveyors are ready to advise on all property and construction matters, whether you are interested in the condition of a building, the quality of workmanship or the cost of building works. We offer acquisition surveys, support with lease agreements and advice on the management and demolition of buildings. Our trusted expertise is often used by solicitors, trading standards officers and the police when expert evaluation of a building is needed in court.

Clerk of works (construction inspectors)

Overseeing safety and quality on construction sites

Our in-house team oversees health and safety and the quality of workmanship on all construction sites, ensuring that building plans and specifications are being followed correctly. The team provides invaluable strategic insights that ensure continuous improvement of the services in these areas. If you are looking for a qualified and experienced clerk of works for your project, a strategic view of health and safety, and quality assurance, we can act as a critical friend or additional resource.

Modular building team

A fast and cost-effective way to meet changing demands for site accommodation facilities

Our specialist team offers professional support in the design, delivery, installation and removal of modular temporary buildings. A modular building provides flexibility in the design of the accommodation, value for money and speed of delivery, plus the option to relocate to a different site in the future. The units can be hired or purchased and installed on site, subject to planning, in a matter of weeks.