SELP Task Groups

To complement the work of the Brussels Office and the engagement of SELP’s officers through the quarterly officer group meetings, the task groups focus exclusively on specific subjects of importance arising from Brexit

The task groups would be chaired by an officer from a SELP member organisation, possibly convened initially by a SELP Board member, with terms of reference and receive input from the Brussels Office. They might become a vehicle for influencing government and/or a mechanism for joint working in areas such as project development. The task groups provide an additional reason for becoming a member of SELP. They could be open to non-members for a short time to showcase SELP and draw in future members.

The four task forces cover:

EU replacement funding

This addresses the retirement of European Structural Funds in the UK post 2020 and the advent of the UK Government’s Shared Prosperity Fund. There is concern that wealthier areas such as southern England might lose out on funding post ESIF.

EU continuation funding

It is highly likely that the UK Government will negotiate access to a number of future EU funding programmes beyond 2020. This task force monitors the process of that access, helps influence it according to SELP members’ interests and make SELP’s interests known outwardly by working closely with the Brussels Office to profile its interests.

Labour market and workforce

This task force addresses the skills and HR impact of Brexit to Southern England. It could become an influential group to represent views nationally and beyond.

International trade and business

Post transition, the nature of our trading relationship with the rest of the EU is unclear. It is inevitable that there will need to be alignment with EU standards and norms to continue to access the EU single market of 500 million consumers.

SELP Task Forces diagram