Disposal of animal by-products for retail butchers

This advice is designed to provide basic guidance. It is not a complete or authoritative statement of the law. Please note that some of the advice we provide to businesses is chargeable.

The rules on disposal of Animal By Products have changed.

The new EC regulation permits a number of options for disposing of animal by products. Some of these are the same as were previously in place and some are new options. The current options are listed below.

Use an authorised carrier

Use an authorised carrier to collect your ABP and dispose of (for example PDM/Knights) and keep the consignment tickets provided by the carrier.

Supply it as pet food

You will need to give a receipt stating what it is and that it is for pet food only. Product supplied for pet food must still be safe.

Supply it to a zoo etc

Supply it to a zoo, circus, registered kennels or dog or cat shelter. You will need to keep records of what you supply and register with Trading Standards as a feed supplier.

Disposal by landfill

Up to 20kg per week of animal by product (raw meat bones, etc) can be disposed of to landfill through normal waste disposal. You have to be able to show that you have not exceeded 20kg in the week so you will need to keep some records. The weight limit includes any packaging materials you dispose of in this way as well. Ensure that your waste carrier will permit this.

Processed food

Processed food containing meat/fish (e.g. cooked meat, cured meat, ‘hot smoked’ fish can be disposed of to landfill (through your normal waste disposal). There are no records that you need to keep for this. Remember you always need to keep your ABP separate from other foods and make sure it is clearly identified.

Please note that this is a short summary of the regulations. If you want any additional information please contact this service.

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