Supplying bread for animal feed

If you supply excess and waste bread for animal feed you are an animal feed business and need to comply with hygiene and labelling requirements

This advice is designed to provide basic guidance to traders. It is not a complete or authoritative statement of the law. Please note that some of the advice we provide to businesses is chargeable.
What you need to do
  1. Register as a feed business with Trading Standards
  2. Ensure that you comply with feed hygiene requirements
  3. Provide required information to the person who takes the bread

You can find a copy of the registration form online or contact via the details below.

Register under code R12.

  • Include waste bread and similar products in your normal hygiene procedures.
  • Keep it in a dedicated place in a suitable container that can be cleaned and is protected from pests.
  • You must ensure that no meat products are sent to animal feed or can contaminate the bread.
Information you must provide

When the bread is collected or delivered you must give certain information in writing with it:

  • the words ‘Feed material’ to show that the bread is only for animal feed
  • what the product is, eg ‘Waste bread’
  • your name and address
  • a reference allowing traceability (the date of collection/delivery is usually sufficient)
  • a signature from the customer stating that they do not require a full declaration of constituents (otherwise you will have to declare levels of starch, fibre and possibly fat as well)
  • it is recommended that you use a self carbonating book so that you are keeping a record of the supplies that you make

If you have any questions please contact Hampshire Trading Standards.