Petroleum records search

We are able to search through our archive of old petrol tanks in Hampshire for evidence of historical petrol storage at a given address.

This can be useful to anyone developing a plot of land or who is concerned about possible historical pollution from stored petrol.


Standard service: £114 per hour (no VAT) for a response within 10 working days

Fast service: £208 per hour (no VAT) for a response within 3 working days

A minimum charge of 1 hour applies. This is adequate for the vast majority of searches.

Online form

We can invoice you for this cost once the search is completed and we will make this charge regardless of whether or not we find a match for your site.

To carry out an accurate search we will require the exact location you require by address or shown on a map. If you have any names of previous occupiers of the premises it can help speed up the search.

If the address was previously used for military purposes or storage of fuels other than petrol we are unlikely to have any information.


Contact - David Sommers on 01962 833651/07718 146033 or 01962 833620.