Imported goods

Market surveillance – requested documentation

This advice is designed to provide basic guidance to consumers. It is not a complete or authoritative statement of the law.

Consumer Protection Act 1987

EC Regulation 765/2008 on Accreditation and Market Surveillance (RAMS)

Consumer Rights Act 2015

Hampshire County Council Trading Standards Service is responsible for ensuring that consumer goods imported via the port of Southampton comply with product safety legislation.

As the importer/consignee of the product(s), you are responsible for ensuring that they comply with relevant UK and EU safety legislation. Please ensure that all relevant documentation is in place before placing the product(s) on the market. Only goods that comply with safety regulations may legally be supplied in the EU.

This Service regularly examines consignments entering the European market. Samples are often taken for further assessment and may be submitted for independent testing. Notification of the results will be given to you as soon as possible but this could take up to 2 weeks.

If you have received this web link and your product is caught by CE marking Directives or is a Cosmetic product, please submit the following documentation within 7 days, which will assist us in assessing the product’s compliance, and may enable us to release our hold, pending results of further testing:

  • Technical file – including test reports/certificates, bill of materials, risk assessment (where applicable)
  • EU Declaration of Conformity – if caught by CE marking directives
  • Product Information File – cosmetics only

Please note a ‘Certificate of Conformity’ signed by a test house, does not constitute a ‘Declaration of Conformity’ which must be signed by the manufacturer (responsible person).

It is important any identification numbering marked on the product can be clearly linked to any supporting documentation referenced in the technical file. Please check and read all documents carefully before submission, we will only look at the first set of documents submitted. If the documentation is not complete or not available within 7 days of this request, any further documentation checks will be chargeable at £70+VAT per hour, and may delay or prevent the release of your products.

Further information

For further guidance on the legislation please visit:

Hampshire County Council Trading Standards Service operates a Primary Authority Partnership scheme for businesses that trade across council boundaries. This means that qualifying businesses can enter into a legally recognised partnership with us, receiving an agreed package of advice and support. For more information please visit our Primary Authority webpages.