Information for Importers and Agents

Frequently Asked Questions - Importers

  1. What does Hampshire Trading Standards do with regards imports?
    We are a Market Surveillance Authority working as part of the National Trading Standards (NTS) 'Safety at Ports and Borders' project. We are responsible for ensuring that consumer goods imported through an ETSF facility in Hampshire comply with EU product safety legislation.


  2. Why have you selected this consignment?
    Consignments subject to an intervention are identified through analysis of risk and intelligence.


  3. I have received a Market Surveillance Inspection Notice - what does this mean?
    We regularly take samples in order to assess compliance with relevant product safety legislation. The form will advise you of what we have sampled and why. We may submit the sample for further testing. Test results are usually received in 5-7 days but may take longer.

Frequently Asked Questions - Agents

  1. I have received a Route 1S/1U notification on CHIEF - what next?
    Please submit the following documentation to
    • Entry acceptance advice
    • C88
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Packing list
    • Bill of lading
    This documentation will be assessed by the SPoC Team and referred to Hampshire Trading Standards if appropriate. You will be notified when we place a hold on CNS. Contact details for the case officer will be provided.


  2. I have received a hold notification on CNS - what next?
    We intend to conduct a physical examination of the goods in this consignment. The relevant Port/ETSF has been notified and will contact us when the consignment is ready to be examined. An officer will then attend the ETSF and may take samples of the goods. This process may take between 2 to 3 working days, however, this will depend on the nature of the risk and whether any non-compliances are identified in advance. We will contact you if we require further information. You may be asked by the case officer detailed on CNS to supply documents relating the goods in the consignment. These documents are normally in the form of a Declaration of Conformity and relevant safety test reports. You will be advised what to supply. Failure to supply this information will impact any decision regarding release of the consignment.


  3. When will the consignment be released?
    This decision will depend on the outcome of the assessment and possible testing. Goods that are deemed to pose a serious risk to users may be refused release under any circumstances. We can however permit these goods to be moved usually for the purpose of destruction/rendering inoperable only. This is detailed in the form of a resolution email you may receive. In the event we permit the entire or part of the consignment to be re-exported or released, you (the agent) must follow the protocol established by the SPoC Team to do this. If you require a copy of the current version, please contact them as detailed above. We are unable to assist with enquiries relating to recovery of VAT or movement of goods to new locations.
    Finally, we politely ask you do not chase case officers for updates as this delays the process considerably, therefore we are usually unable to respond to update requests. However we can assure you that we will be in touch with you as soon as we have further information relating to your consignment.