Sale of alcohol - test purchasing

In appropriate cases we will use young volunteers to attempt to buy alcohol.

What can you do?

This will depend on the size of your business, the volume of alcohol sales, the number of staff you have and how 'at risk' your business is of making illegal sales. For an up-to-date Licensee Pack please contact Trading Standards, tel 01962 833620.

You should:

  • display appropriate ‘Challenge 21/25’ posters, point of sale material and window stickers to dissuade youngsters from trying to purchase and to remind your staff
  • train all your staff on the law, how to question and refuse sales (keep records of the training and we recommend reminders are given quarterly)
  • give advice to your staff about what Age ID cards are acceptable
  • support staff if refusals are made
  • keep a log of 'refused sales' and check and sign it weekly
  • use CCTV cameras to spot potential problems early

Download ‘Challenge 21/25’ posters