Fees for verification inspection and test of weighing and measuring equipment

Fees from 1 April 2019

The minimum charge for all activities is £75.00

Linear measure

Not exceeding 3 m (each scale): £12.00

Linear measures up to 10 m: full fee for the first 3 m plus 50% of full fee for each additional 3 m or part thereof.

Capacity measure (not including MID Product Verification)

Not exceeding 1 litre (un-subdivided): £8.00

Capacity measures over 1 litre (or 1 quart): full fee for the first litre plus 50% of full fee for each additional litre or part thereof.

Cubic ballast measures

Not brim measure £192.00

Measuring instruments (LF & L)

Container types (un-subdivided): £78.00

Single/multi outlet: 1 nozzle tested: £129.00, each additional nozzle: £79.00

Filling station electronic console equipment (when tested alone e.g. following commissioning or replacement or addition of units). Chargeable per hour (including preparatory and on-site work).

Credit Card Accepters (when tested alone ONLY e.g. following commissioning or replacement): £86.00

Measuring instruments (intoxicating liquor, not including MID product verification)

Instruments not exceeding 150ml: £20.00

Others: £22.00

Weighing instruments
Instrument weight / type Cost
Not above 15Kg £35.00
Above 15kg but not above 30Kg £46.00
Above 30kg but not above 250Kg £67.00
Above 250Kg but not above 1 tonne £115.00
Above 1 tonne but not above 5 tonnes £184.00
Above 5 tonnes but not above 30 tonnes £389.00
Above 30 tonnes but not above 60 tonnes £578.00
Dual range instruments and/or instruments incorporating remote displays or ticket printing facilities where additional resources are used in carrying out the tests 150% of above fees
Weighing instruments submitted for EC Verification 150% of above fees
Measuring instruments (liquid fuel and bulk fuel) submitted for EC Verification (MID) 110% of above fees
Instruments tested using customer-supplied weights 70% of above fees
Weights (testing only, non accredited)

Exceeding 5Kg or not exceeding 500mg: £12.00

Other weights: £8.00

Measuring equipment (road tankers, above 100 litres)

Meter Systems - wet hose type with one or two testing liquids: £272.00

Meter Systems - wet hose type with three testing liquids: £326.00

Meter Systems - statutory occurrence - simple: £45.00

Meter Systems - statutory occurrence - complex: £86.00


Equipment submitted for testing out of normal office hours (9am-5pm): 150% of above fees

Appointments on weekends or bank holidays will attract a further surcharge, please contact us for more information

Delayed or aborted appointments will incur a minimum fee of £75.00 for the first hour (or part hour). From the second hour onwards a fee of £75.00/hour will be charged on pro-rata basis, rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes.

Charge for calibration certificate: £44.00