Verified measures

This advice is designed to provide basic guidance to traders. It is not a complete or authoritative statement of the law. Please note that some of the advice we provide to businesses is chargeable.

Since the coming into operation of the Measuring Instruments (Capacity Serving Measures) 2006, it has been possible for disposable plastic measures which are semi rigid to be verified for trade use and therefore for the sale of beer and cider.

This is particularly important for pubs and night clubs which either have outdoor areas where the use of glass might be restricted or otherwise not desirable.

There are several manufacturers of semi–rigid disposable plastic measures who are capable of producing verified versions.

List of manufacturers

Name Address Contacts
Regalzone Ltd
‘Party Plastics’ 
Dukes Valley
Windsor Road
Gerrards Cross
Bucks SL9 8SR
Phone 01753 664210/662666 
Fax 01753 663254 
Huhtamaki (UK) Ltd
Compostable/ biodegradable
Rowner Road
Hampshire PO13 0PR
Phone 02392 512347 
VeriPlast International
Dragonville Estate
Durham DH1 2RL
Phone 0191 375 1111
Dispo International 
Tuscany Court
Express Way
Wakefield Europort
Normanton WF6 2TZ
Phone 01924 891462