Public weighbridge operators - Annex 1 Glossary of terms

Term Definition
Balance When the weighbridge is unloaded the indication shows zero.
Gross Weight This is the weight of the vehicle fully laden, and is an indication of the total weight of everything on the bridge.
GVW Gross Vehicle Weight
Tare Weight The weight of the vehicle after the load has been removed.
Net Weight Gross weight less tare weight i.e. the weight of the load.
Train Weight Similar to gross weight and refers to the all-up weight of any vehicle and trailer. On weighbridge documentation it may still be referred to as gross weight.
GTW Gross Train Weight
Headwork The part of the machine which incorporates the weight indications.
Bottom Work The levers and/or loadcells below the plate.
Plate/Platform The part of the machine on which the load to be weighed is placed.
Double-weighing The weighing of a load or vehicle in two or more stages, for example where an articulated vehicle cannot fit onto the plate, its weight is calculated from the sum of the front and rear sets of axle weights.
Axle weighings The weighing of individual axles or groups of axles to determine the load placed upon them.
Draw Bar Unit A rigid vehicle towing, by means of a bar, a self supporting trailer.
Permitted (GTW) The legal maximum weight permitted on the road.
Unladen Weight The weight of a vehicle inclusive of the body and all parts, excluding water, fuel, batteries, tools and loose equipment.

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