Public weighbridge operators - Annex 3 Self assessment sheet

If you are unable to answer the following questions we would recommend you re-read the factsheet and discuss the matter with your supervisor.

  1. Can you confidently operate the weighing equipment?
  2. Where are the ‘copy ticket’ or records retained?
  3. Can you refuse to undertake a public weighing?
  4. If 'Yes' to (3), when?
  5. What details must be shown in the ‘records’’
  6. Would you weigh a ‘horse’’
  7. How long should records be retained?
  8. What do you understand by the terms
  9. Balance
  10. Net weight
  11. Double weighing
  12. What will happen to ‘balance’ when it rains?
  13. What will you do if passengers refuse to get out of a vehicle?
  14. If you cannot see the load, what will you do?
  15. The vehicle is too long to fit onto your weighbridge plate. What will you do?
  16. Why should you never leave blanks on a weighbridge ticket?
  17. Why should people bringing articles for weighing try to mislead you?

In preparing for your test, please expect additional questions to those detailed above as these are for your benefit to judge your readiness.

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