No Cold Calling Zones

No Cold Calling Zones can prevent cold calling and reduce the risk of doorstep crime

What are they and how do they work

No Cold Calling Zones are a useful tool which can help give local residents or communities the confidence to say “No” to cold callers and rogue traders.

Although No Cold Calling Zones do not create exclusion zones, they can send a clear message to uninvited callers that they are not welcome. The trading practices of these uninvited callers could be investigated if they cold-call residents within the area of the zone.

No Cold Calling Zones can comprise of a whole or group of roads, streets, drives etc. Interested residents get together to apply for the creation of a zone.

Some charitable organisations will no longer collect donations from resident's living within No Cold Calling Zones.

If a company ignores a request not to call, it can be reported to the Citizens Advice Consumer Service phone 0808 223 1133 or complete a Citizens Advice complaint form.

Identifying No Cold Calling Zones

Hampshire Trading Standards Service no longer supply or erect No Cold Calling Zone lamp post and wall mounted signage for new members. However, No Cold Calling Zone stickers will continue to be supplied for residents to display on or by their front doors. You can search the No Cold Calling Zones for more information.

Who might cold call?

How to apply

No Cold Calling Zones are set up by interested residents in a particular road, street, drive etc.  A nominated resident usually administers the application process.

You will need to supply the following information:

  • The name, address and postcode, a contact telephone number and email address (optional)
    These details will be registered on the Trading Standards’ database and may be passed to other residents and to partners agencies (such as the police) who may be involved in setting it up.
  • The name of the road(s) that make up your proposed zone
  • The total number of households

Trading Standards will officially log your request and may notify your local partners (including police, district/borough council, local council and Neighbourhood Watch). Your proposed zone will be listed on our website as ‘Out to consultation’.

Trading Standards will send you a No Cold Calling Zone Consultation pack. You will need to canvass every home in your proposed zone. Once you have completed the Consultation Record sheets you need to return all paperwork to us. If after 3 months, we have not received your completed consultation paperwork, you will be notified and your proposed zone will be removed from the website.

If at least 66% of households within your proposed zone are in favour we will confirm with you that the zone is established. We will also send the No Cold Calling Zone Resident’s Packs for you to deliver to each household in your zone. Trading Standards will update your zone’s status to 'Launched'.