East Hampshire No Cold Calling Zones

Town/Village Road Zone Status
 Alton  Marshal Close  1290  Out to consultation
Petersfield Lynton Road 9 Launched
Horndean Chestnut Avenue 1318  Out to consultation
Petersfield Oaklands Road 9 Launched
Alton Gaston Lane 1311 Out to consultation
Petersfield Stanton Road 9 Launched
Petersfield Grenehurst Way 26 Launched
Greatham Bakers Field 28 Launched
Bucks Horn Oak Back Lane 31 Launched
Bucks Horn Oak The Glade 31 Launched
Rowland's Castle Royal Gardens 41 Launched
Rowland's Castle Glen Dale 42 Launched
Rowland's Castle Links Close 43 Launched
Rowland's Castle Broadcroft 44 Launched
Rowland's Castle Uplands Road 44 Launched
Petersfield Broadway Park 165 Launched
Grayshott Bridle Close 192 Launched
Grayshott Halters End 192 Launched
Grayshott Horseshoe Bend 192 Launched
Grayshott Saddlers Scarp 192 Launched
Grayshott The Paddock 192 Launched
Grayshott The Spinney 192 Launched
Grayshott Waggoner's Way 192 Launched
Grayshott Wheelwrights Lane 192 Launched
Petersfield Churchfield Road 263 Launched
Petersfield Love Lane 263 Launched
Petersfield Merryfield Road 263 Launched
Petersfield Long Down 264 Launched
Alton Borovere Close 284 Launched
Horndean Acorn Gardens 299 Launched
Horndean Causeway Farm 299 Launched
Horndean Cross Lane 299 Launched
Horndean Kings Mede 299 Launched
Horndean Lyne Place 299 Launched
Horndean Peper Harlow 299 Launched
Horndean Winkfield Row 299 Launched
Horndean St. Giles Way 316 Launched
Alton Cromwell Gardens 352 Launched
Horndean Oaks Coppice 357 Launched
Bramshott Limes Close 358 Launched
Lovedean Ashley Close 367 Launched
Petersfield Lower Mead 393 Launched
Petersfield Selbourne Close 396 Launched
Petersfield Hazelbank Close 404 Launched
Horndean Francis Road 406 Launched
Horndean Claire Gardens 420 Launched
Petersfield Stafford Road 435 Launched
Petersfield Alderfield 525 Launched
Horndean Wasdale Close 542 Launched
Liss Berrylands 595 Launched
Petersfield Moggs Mead 693 Launched
Petersfield Henwood Down 694 Launched
Horndean Lychgate Drive 696 Launched
Horndean Chantry Road 696 Launched
Rowland's Castle Dunnock Close 699 Launched
Petersfield Kimbers 769 Launched
Liss Pine Walk 811 Launched
Farringdon Crows Lane 814 Launched
Liss Reeds Lane 875 Launched
Liss Brewells Lane 875 Launched
Lovedean Elmeswelle Road 919 Launched
Lovedean Eperston Road 919 Launched
Liss Dalley Way 982 Launched
Lindford Clover Close 996 Launched
Horndean Coombs Close 1064 Launched
Alton Vyne Close 1091 Launched
Steep Island 1096 Launched
Petersfield Heather Road 1115 Launched
Horndean St Andrew Close 1127 Launched
Petersfield Barham Road 1211 Launched
Petersfield King George Avenue 1211 Launched
Petersfield Lyndum Close 1211 Launched
Petersfield Heathfield Road 1257 Out to consultation