New Forest No Cold Calling Zones

Town/Village Road Zone Status
Barton on Sea Greenfield Gardens 1283 Launched
Barton on Sea Ashmore Avenue 1325 Out to consultation
Dibden Purlieu Cheviot Drive 1307 Out to consultation
Ashurst Whartons Close 1305 Out to consultation
Lymington Torreyana Gardens 1313 Out to consultation
Calmore Charmus Road 1303 Launched
Everton Firmount Close 1294 Launched
Everton East Lane 1294 Launched
Barton on Sea Green Lane 1283 Launched
Calmore Birchglade 1277 Out to consultation
Lymington  Londesborough Place 1268 Launched
Bartley Abbotsford 651 Launched
Dibden Purlieu Armitage Road 1189 Launched
Brockenhurst Armstrong Road 1134 Launched
Everton Ash Grove 1039 Launched
Ashurst Ashdene Road (Part) 1075 Launched
Barton on Sea Atkinson Close 781 Launched
Brockenhurst Auckland Avenue 758 Launched
Brockenhurst Auckland Place 758 Launched
Totton Barnsfield Crescent 50 Launched
Barton on Sea Barton Croft 168 Launched
Everton Beacon Close 1067 Launched
Fordingbridge Beacon Court 798 Launched
Fordingbridge Bedford Close 1085 Launched
Everton Beech Close 1039 Launched
Ashurst Beech Road 1121 Launched
Bartley Beechwood Road 530 Launched
Lymington Belmore Court 159 Launched
Lymington Belmore Road 159 Launched
Lymington Bitterne Way 8 Launched
Lymington Brackens Way 780 Launched
New Milton Breamore Close 687 Launched
Dibden Purlieu Brendon Close 1066 Launched
Lymington Broom Hill 474 Launched
Ashurst Cecil Avenue 1159 Launched
Everton Cedar Grove 1039 Launched
New Milton Chaffinch Close 470 Launched
Totton Charnwood Close 103 Launched
Everton Cherry Tree Close 1039 Launched
Ashurst Chestnut Drive 1192 Launched
Bartley Chinham Road 530 Launched
Minstead Church Close 846 Launched
Dibden Church Farm Close 106 Launched
Ringwood Cloughs Road 4 Launched
Totton Clydesdale Way 623 Launched
Minstead Congleton Close 846 Launched
Dibden Purlieu Corbould 1189 Launched
Marchwood Cranberry Close 226 Launched
Dibden Purlieu Crete Road 1189 Launched
Everton Crossways 1087 Launched
Totton Culford Avenue 98 Launched
New Milton Cunningham Court 353 Launched
Everton Cypress Grove 963 Launched
Barton on Sea Danes Close 168 Launched
New Milton Davis Field 470 Launched
Lymington DeMowbray Way 8 Launched
Hythe Dibden Lodge Close 432 Launched
Totton Downs Park Crescent 104 Launched
Totton Downs Park Road 104 Launched
New Milton Drake Close 353 Launched
Ringwood East View Road 4 Launched
Everton Everlea Close 915 Launched
Everton Everton Road (Part) 1087 Launched
Lymington Fairlea Road 660 Launched
Hythe Fairway Road 35 Launched
Barton on Sea Farm Lane South 338 Launched
Lymington Farnleys Mead 375 Launched
Minstead Football Green 846 Launched
Brockenhurst Forest Glade Close 1220 Launched
Dibden Purlieu Forest Hill Way 334 Launched
Brockenhurst Forest View and Woodbury 1220 Launched
Everton Fox Field 1067 Launched
Totton Frampton Way 240 Launched
New Milton Fraser Court 353 Launched
Totton Fritham Close 50 Launched
Everton Frys Lane 915 Launched
Totton Galsworthy Road 1188 Launched
Lymington Gilbert Close 8 Launched
Everton Golden Crescent (Part) 1087 Launched
New Milton Goldfinch Close 470 Launched
Hythe Greatwood Close 337 Launched
Barton on Sea Greenacre 168 Launched
Totton Greenfields Avenue 199 Launched
Pennington Greenlands Cottages 959 Launched
Totton Hammonds Green 945 Launched
Totton Hammonds Way 637 Launched
Ringwood Hampton Drive 711 Launched
Totton Hamtun Crescent 239 Launched
New Milton Hardy Close 353 Launched
Totton Harold Close 282 Launched
Burley Harry Law Cottages 630 Launched
Hythe Hart Hill 719 Launched
Everton Harts Way 1067 Launched
New Milton Harwood Court 353 Launched
Lyndhurst Haskells Close 1210 Launched
Totton Heather Close 289 Launched
Dibden Purlieu Heatherdown 1129 Launched
Barton on Sea Hedgerley 781 Launched
Barton on Sea Hengistbury Road 1 Launched
Barton on Sea Highlands Road 781 Launched
Ringwood Hiltom Road 4 Launched
New Milton Howe Close 353 Launched
Boldre Hurstly Lane 27 Launched
New Milton Jaundrells Close 570 Launched
Hythe Jones Lanes 432 Launched
New Milton Jowitt Drive 470 Launched
Totton Kilnyard Close 102 Launched
Everton Knightcrest Park, Milford Road 657 Launched
Everton Laburnum Drive 963 Launched
Ashurst Lakewood Road 994 Launched
Fordingbridge Langley Garden 891 Launched
Lymington Lentune Way 8 Launched
Everton Lime Grove 1039 Launched
Dibden Purlieu Lime Walk 918 Launched
New Milton Linnet Court 470 Launched
Lymington Lisle Close 159 Launched
Pennington Little Dene Copse 653 Launched
Minstead London Minstead 846 Launched
Boldre Lower Sandy Down Lane 27 Launched
Lymington Lymington Road 474 Launched
Minstead Lyndhurst Road 846 Launched
Lymington Lyteltane Road 8 Launched
New Milton Magpie Grove 470 Launched
Lymington Main Road 474 Launched
Totton Malwood Gardens 50 Launched
New Milton Marryat Court 353 Launched
New Milton Marryat Road 353 Launched
Totton Marybridge Close 99 Launched
Lymington Maturin Close 8 Launched
Burley Meadow Close 630 Launched
Totton Milkwood Court 1058 Launched
New Milton Miller Close 1076 Launched
Totton Milverton Close 104 Launched
Totton Milverton Road 104 Launched
Barton on Sea Mitchell Close 338 Launched
Brockenhurst Moorlands Close 1220 Launched
Totton Morpeth Avenue 238 Launched
New Milton Mountbatten Court 353 Launched
Everton Mulberry Grove 963 Launched
New Milton Nelson Close 353 Launched
Brockenhurst New Forest Drive 1220 Launched
Bartley New Inn Lane 651 Launched
Bartley New Inn Road 651 Launched
Minstead Newtown Road 846 Launched
Lymington Norleywood Road 474 Launched
Fordingbridge Normandy Way 1157 Launched
Pennington North Greenlands 959 Launched
Ringwood North Poulner Road 967 Launched
Brockenhurst North Weirs 562 Launched
Everton Oak Gardens 1039 Launched
Bartley Oakfield Road 651 Launched
New Milton Oakwood Avenue (Part) 1151 Launched
Brockenhurst Oberfield Road 1220 Launched
Ringwood Old Barn Close 4 Launched
Everton Old Christchurch Road 985 Launched
Lymington Old Farm Walk 8 Launched
Marchwood Old Magazine Close 140 Launched
Diben Purlieu Orchard Way 193 Launched
Ringwood Parsonage Barn Lane 4 Launched
Brockenhurst Partridge Road 988 Launched
Dibden Purlieu Peartree Road 334 Launched
Barton on Sea Penny Hedge 781 Launched
Dibden Purlieu Pine Close 334 Launched
Ashurst Pine Close 1075 Launched
Everton Plantation 963 Launched
Ringwood Poplar Crescent 4 Launched
Ringwood Poplar Way 4 Launched
New Milton Raleigh Close 353 Launched
New Milton Ramsay Court 353 Launched
Lymington Ravenscourt Road 8 Launched
Lymington Redvers Close 8 Launched
Ringwood Redwood Close 4 Launched
Marchwood Reed Drive 141 Launched
New Milton Robin Grove 470 Launched
New Milton Roebuck Close 388 Launched
Holbury Rollestone Road 522 Launched
Totton Rothbury Close 101 Launched
Lymington Rowes Lane 444 Launched
Totton Rushington Lane 100 Launched
Ashurst Rye Dale 366 Launched
Dibden Purlieu Sadlers Lane 759 Launched
Totton Salcombe Crescent 289 Launched
Totton Salcombe Road 289 Launched
Boldre Sandy Down 27 Launched
Minstead Seamans Lane 846 Launched
Barton on Sea Seddon Close 781 Launched
Calmore Shepherds Hey Road 488 Launched
Hythe Solent Drive 36 Launched
Barton on Sea Solent Drive 168 Launched
New Milton Sommerville Court 353 Launched
Barton on Sea Spinacre 781 Launched
Totton Springdale Court, Water Lane 198 Launched
Totton St Michael's Road 1056 Launched
Hythe Sunningdale 519 Launched
Totton Sunset Avenue 589 Launched
Totton Testwood Lane 655 Launched
Barton on Sea The Close 781 Launched
Lyndhurst The Meadows 341 Launched
Blackfield Thornbury Avenue 791 Launched
New Milton Vian Court 353 Launched
New Milton Wagtail Drive 470 Launched
Everton Wainsford Road 915 Launched
Everton Wainsford Road 963 Launched
Burley Warnes Lane 630 Launched
Totton Warwick Road 288 Launched
Dibden Purlieu Water Lane 334 Launched
Ringwood Waterside Close 967 Launched
Barton on Sea Wavendon Avenue 1 Launched
Fordingbridge Waverley Close 917 Launched
Brockenhurst Whitemoor Road 1220 Launched
Hythe Whittington Close 574 Launched
Totton Wilburn Close 1216 Launched
Winsor Winsor Road 1130 Launched
Ringwood Woodford Close 860 Launched
New Milton Wren Close 470 Launched
Everton Yeovilton Close 915 Launched
Ashurst Fir Road 1242 Launched
Winsor Vicarage Lane 1241 Launched
Winsor Pollards Moor Road 1241 Launched
Lymington Wykeham Place 1258 Launched