Test Valley No Cold Calling Zones

Town/Village Road Zone Status
Romsey Hodinott Close 1280 Out to consultation
North Baddesley Tornay Grove 1271 Launched
Romsey Barton Close 1272 Out to consultation
Romsey Wadham Close 1265 Launched
Nursling Broadmead Road 10 Launched
Nursling Crawford Close 10 Launched
Nursling Mill Close 10 Launched
Nursling Testlands Avenue 10 Launched
Andover Hepworth Close 23 Launched
Nursling Upton Crescent 56 Launched
Stockbridge Nelson Close 57 Launched
Stockbridge New Street 57 Launched
Stockbridge Trafalgar Way 57 Launched
Andover Blake Court 58 Launched
Andover Moore Close 58 Launched
Charlton Carters Meadow 59 Launched
Romsey Seward Rise 166 Launched
Andover Shepherd Lodge 173 Launched
Andover Hibiscus Crescent 174 Launched
Andover Bluebell Close 175 Launched
Andover Blueberry Gardens 175 Launched
Rownhams Armada Close 222 Launched
North Baddesley Firgrove Road 223 Launched
Romsey Lansdowne Close 270 Launched
Romsey Kinver Close 293 Launched
Andover Winterdyne Mews 303 Launched
Romsey Mount Temple 356 Launched
Andover Springfield Close 373 Launched
Andover Charlotte Close 382 Launched
Wherwell Beech Grove 391 Out to consultation
Wherwell Chant Close 391 Out to consultation
Wherwell Chapel Court 391 Out to consultation
Wherwell Church Street 391 Out to consultation
Wherwell Fairpiece 391 Out to consultation
Wherwell Fullerton Road 391 Out to consultation
Wherwell Kingsmill 391 Out to consultation
Wherwell The Old Hill 391 Out to consultation
Wherwell Winchester Road 391 Out to consultation
North Baddesley Overbrook Way 447 Launched
North Baddesley Forest Close 458 Launched
Rownhams Rownhams Close 462 Launched
North Baddesley Woodlands Way 468 Launched
North Baddesley Pine Close 503 Launched
Chandler's Ford Hookwater Close 504 Launched
Chandler's Ford Hookwater Road 504 Launched
Romsey Old Road 524 Launched
Romsey Canal Close 524 Launched
Romsey Fair Field 524 Launched
Romsey Home Field 524 Launched
Romsey Newlyn Walk 524 Launched
Romsey Smiths Field 524 Launched
Romsey Waterside Road 524 Launched
Andover Vespasian Road 541 Launched
Romsey Ashley Meadows 560 Launched
North Baddesley Hoe Lane 592 Launched
North Baddesley Hollywood Close 603 Launched
North Baddesley Launcelyn Close 681 Launched
Romsey The Crescent 725 Launched
Romsey Anderson Close 760 Launched
Romsey Brook Way 790 Launched
Romsey Richmond Lane 790 Launched
Enham Alamein Landale Close 836 Launched
Enham Alamein Turnill Court 836 Launched
Enham Alamein Chapel Lane 837 Launched
Enham Alamein Anton Lane 837 Launched
Enham Alamein Hamlet Gardens 837 Launched
Romsey Riverside Gardens 848 Launched
Romsey New Road 854 Launched
Andover Litchfield Close 869 Launched
Romsey Cavendish Close 883 Launched
Romsey Newton Lane 897 Launched
Andover Springfield Close 902 Launched
Romsey The Harrage 913 Launched
Romsey The Hundred 913 Launched
Romsey English Court 913 Launched
Romsey Winchester Road 913 Launched
Romsey Southampton Road 913 Launched
Andover Portway Close 916 Launched
East Cholderton Elmstead Park 990 Launched
Romsey Meon Road 1035 Launched
Romsey Meon Close 1035 Launched
Hurstbourne Tarrant Church Street 1100 Launched
Anna Valley Valley Mead 1107 Launched
North Baddesley Whitebeam Way 1174 Launched
Rownhams Hann Road 1213 Launched