Hot water bottle safety

This advice is designed to provide basic guidance to consumers. It is not a complete or authoritative statement of the law.

  • Check the safety standard on your rubber hot water bottles - the current standard is British Standard BS 1970
  • Check your rubber hot water bottle for a symbol shaped like a daisy
  • Always be careful when filling and using hot water bottles.
  • Use a cover or wrap the bottle in a towel before using - this will help prevent burns
  • Check hot water bottles regularly for any splits or perishing
  • Replace a hot water bottle that is showing signs of wear
  • Make sure the top is firmly closed before using
  • For children and elderly, use the bottle to warm the bed, then remove before the person gets into bed
  • Never use boiling water to fill your hot water as this can cause the bottle to split or leak, very hot water is fine
  • Do not lie or sit on the hot water bottle 
  • Do not overfill - three-quarters is the maximum
  • Never use a hot water bottle at the same time as an electric blanket