Bank / Courier Fraud

Hampshire Trading Standards Service continues to receive reports of a fraud where a phone call is made by someone pretending to be a police officer, investigator or other official. The way this fraud operates keeps changing so Hampshire residents need to remain vigilant.

Case study

Mr B received a telephone call from a person who said they were a police officer from Birmingham and they had arrested a person using Mr B’s credit card. They told Mr B that Scotland Yard were interested in the case and asked him to phone 999 to verify the suspect’s identity. Mr B phoned 999 immediately and was connected straight back to the fraudster. They told him to go to his bank and withdraw £10,000 in cash so they could check the notes for fingerprints. They said Mr B must not tell the cashier what the money was for as this could compromise the enquiry and suggested he could say it was for a new car. They told  him to keep his mobile phone with him at all times.

Mr B visited his bank and told the cashier he needed £10,000 cash for a new car. The cashier would only allow him to withdraw  £5000. Mr B left the bank and received a call from the fraudster who said he must transfer the money  into Euros. Mr B said he was on his way home and could not do that straight away.

Once back at home, Mr B became concerned about the situation and telephoned the police from a different phone. They told him this was a fraud and that he must not engage further should he hear back from the fraudster.

Mr B has since received support and preventative advice from the police and Trading Standards.

Should you receive a similar call do not engage with the caller and hang up.