Charity donation scam

Residents in Hampshire are warned to be careful should they receive an unsolicited phone call, most likely from abroad (or with ‘number withheld’), where the caller offers to make a large donation to a charity of their choice.  The caller will not make their identity known.

Case study

Mrs G is an older lady living alone who has a degree of memory loss. She received a call from an unknown female who she described as having a Russian accent. The lady offer to pay a £8000 donation to a charity of Mrs G’s choice. Mrs G thought the call was genuine and she told the caller that she wanted to discuss this with her family. Mrs G asked her daughter for advice on which charity she should pick. At this point, her daughter became suspicious that this was an attempt at a fraud, as her mother had fallen victim to similar scams in the past. She was concerned that had her mother agreed to the money transfer the caller would have then requested her mother’s bank details.  Since this incident, Mrs G’s family have fitted a call blocker to her telephone, so only genuine callers will get through.

Remember to treat all unsolicited calls with suspicion, do not engage with the caller or disclose any personal information and terminate the call as soon as possible.

Purchasing a call blocking device is a small investment to guard against telephone scammers and unwanted sales calls in the future.