Fraudulent telephone call - TalkTalk

Hampshire County Council Trading Standards are urging residents to remain vigilant to telephone calls where the caller claims to be from Talk Talk, BT or other telecommunications provider.

The lead in conversation varies, but in general the caller will attempt to persuade the resident there is a problem with their router for which they are due compensation.  The aim is to get the resident to log onto their computer and to gain remote access.

These calls are fraudulent attempts to obtain money, or to place malicious software onto the resident’s computer.

No matter how tempting the offer may be, or how genuine the caller appears to be, remember; the telephone is a form of faceless communication.  It could be any person, calling from anywhere in the world.

Residents are warned NOT TO:

  • Believe there is a problem with their router or that a new one is due.
  • Believe they are due compensation from the caller.
  • Log onto their computer for the caller.
  • Allow the caller remote access of their computer.
  • Log into their online banking to receive a payment from the  caller.
  • Make a payment to compensate the caller if they claim to have ‘overpaid’.
  • Believe the caller can cut off the internet or telephone – they can’t.

Calls from persons claiming to be from Windows, Microsoft, Apple or another recognised manufacturers/software providers should be treated with the same caution.