What are scams?

Scams are misleading or fraudulent offers designed to con you out of money. They may be received by post, email, telephone, text or face to face.

Scams seem so believable because they:

  • look professional
  • appear official
  • seem personal to you
  • pretend you are the only winner
  • use stolen identities
How to recognise a scam


  • are received out of the blue
  • promise something for nothing
  • tell you respond immediately
  • ask you for money upfront
Before you respond to an offer


Don’t be pressurised into sending off money immediately to someone you don’t even know.


How likely is it that I’ve specially been chosen? Millions of people have probably received the same offer.

Think again

Always read the offer carefully. Speak to family or friends or seek advice.


Report a scam

Phone the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 0808 223 1133
Or report the scam online: