Covenant Grant Fund

Find out about applying to the Covenant Grant Fund to support the armed forces community

Covenant Grant Fund

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust makes grants to support the Armed Forces Community.  They manage the grant programs funded by the Covenant Fund. The priority areas for grant applications are varied but are for supporting the delivery of the Covenant and funding projects which strengthen the relationships between the armed forces community and the civilian community.

New Covenant Fund Trust funding programmes

Current Programmes: -

  • Force for Change
  • Tackling Loneliness
  • Positive Pathways
  • One is Too Many

Force for Change - new programme

  • Grants up to £20,000 for projects supporting Armed Forces communities to become less isolated and engage more in their local area.
  • The Covenant Fund Trust has organised a webinar on 18 August 10.30am, to help potential applicants to find out more about the Forces for Change programme. See website for more information
  • Application deadlines - 11 September and 30 November

Tackling Loneliness Programmenew programme

  • Fixed, two-year grants of £70,000.
  • Application deadline - closes 9 October

This programme seeks to target groups of people within the Armed Forces community who are traditionally harder to reach. A full list of these groups is available in the programme guidance.  Projects should also fit with at least one of the main themes of this programme.

  • Building stronger social networks and friendships
  • Improving access to local activities and provision
  • Building emotional resilience to overcome the causes of loneliness
  • Empowering Armed Forces communities to become more independent

Positive Pathways Programme – has been reopened

  • Fixed grants of £35k available
  • Part of the Veterans’ Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund, the Positive Pathways programme funds projects that develop and run activities supporting the mental health and wellbeing of ex-Forces
  • Application deadlines 25 August and 30 November

One is Too Many - new funding programme

Part of the Veterans’ Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund, the One is Too Many programme will award grants of up to £300,000 to two-year projects that aim to reduce suicide risks within vulnerable veterans in a coordinated and targeted way. Closes 14 December 2020

How to apply

Applicants must access the on-line grant application from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust website.

Before applying, it is strongly recommended that applicants make contact with the County Council at to enable the provision of specialist support and advice around Covenant grants.