Prepare your community

Helping communities make plans to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies

Why prepare

The emergency services have to prioritise those in greatest need during an emergency. Communities may need to rely on their own resources until professional help arrives.

Many communities spontaneously help one another in times of need. But communities who have prepared in advance are able to cope better and recover faster. If a community is prepared for possible risks, you can reduce the impact on your homes and businesses.

Stay informed about emergencies

How to prepare

The aim for communities is to become resilient. This may mean that they:
  • are aware of risks that may affect them and what the impact would be
  • complement the work of local emergency services
  • use their existing skills, knowledge and resources to provide support to others

Making it happen

A community plan will help all volunteers know their roles when there's an emergency. It can be shared with emergency services so that everyone can work together. There are lots of places to get advice on developing your community plan.

Government advice on preparing your community

Guide to Producing a Community Emergency Plan

Community Emergency Plan toolkit

Community Emergency Plan template

Contact the Local Resilience Forum

CitizenAID is a charity that helps communities to prepare to save lives when an attack causes many injuries.