Bus Service Operators Grant

Aimed at improving passenger facilities and features to encourage passengers to make greater use of bus services

The Economy, Transport and Environment Department is providing a Bus Service Operators Grant. This will be aimed at improving passenger facilities and features to encourage passengers to make greater use of bus services.

Grant Eligibility Criteria and Who can apply?

These grants are only available to operators of local bus services and those which operate a bus service under a section 22 permit, operating in Hampshire. To apply electronically you must have a valid email address, otherwise contact the team directly for a paper copy and the details are at the end of these notes.

Who can't apply?
  • Operators of bus services which do not operate in or serve the residents of or visitors to Hampshire.
  • Voluntary organisations who operate services under a section 19 permit.
What is funded?

New or improved facilities or equipment likely to encourage greater use of public bus services e.g.

  • Contactless payments
  • USB chargers
  • Next stop announcements
  • Real Time Information

Operators are expected to provide matched funding of at least 25%.Priority will be given to applications which have identified the following facilities/equipment as the primary consideration (please note these are in order of preference);

  1. contactless payments,
  2. a higher level of matched funding,
  3. serving a higher number of Hampshire residents and visitors
  4. offering earlier implementation dates

Grant monies awarded are expected to be used on services within Hampshire for a minimum of 6 years. If services cease or bus routes transfer to a new operator, the facilities/equipment will also be expected to transfer or a reimbursement of the grant funding awarded will be requested.

What isn’t funded?
  • The purchase of new vehicles
  • Implementing new bus services
  • Supporting existing bus services where the grant will be used to fund additional journeys or extended journeys
When to apply?

Your application must be received by 31 December 2016.