Community Transport Grant application guidance notes

Detailed guidance for completing the application form

To apply electronically, you must have a valid email address.

Applications need to be submitted electronically using the link at the bottom of this page.
You will see confirmation of your application and a grant reference number upon submission.
Organisation Details (Questions 1-6)

Question 1 Department

You should enter: Economy, Transport & Environment Department, Community Transport grant

Question 2 Organisation details

Organisational name – please state the name of the organisation who will have responsibility for accounting for the grant.

Your project/activity (Questions 7-10)

Question 8a Summary of project

Please use this section to describe what it is you are applying for a grant for. For example to run a training course for…, or to contribute towards an engine replacement.

Question 8b Details of project

Please give a description of your new activity /project and what the funding will be used for. What are the usual services or activities you provide? Who this will help and how this will be achieved? We also require the following information if your application relates to the operation of a minibus

  • Whether the vehicle operates under a Section 19 small bus permit?
  • Is your organisation a member of the Minibus Drivers Awareness Scheme (MiDAS)?
  • Will only drivers trained and assessed under MiDAS be used on the service?
  • A detailed description of the service that will be provided e.g. a timetable

Question 8c Project outcomes

Please tell us briefly what your funding application will do for your local community, why you want to provide this. Please give an indication of which types of groups/individuals will use your transport. You should also use this section to tell us about any improvements that you hope to make – this could be offering additional transport services to the community, helping more elderly/disabled/young/disadvantaged people access social, retail services or improving individual quality of life.

Question 8d How you involve service users in the development of your project

Please tell us briefly how you have achieved this. You could also tell us about any local feedback you have received about the need for your service or surveys that you have carried out.

Finance (Questions 11 – 15)

Question 13 Income and 15 sources of funding

These do not apply to grants up of £1000 and under.

Question 14 Project finance summary

Use the table to identify where the funds will come from for this project/activity/service (exclude the funding being requested from Hampshire County Council Other Purposes Grant as part of this application). Make sure to include applications to other grant funders where you are still awaiting a response.

General Information (Questions 16-20)

Questions 16 Quality mark and 17 how you heard about the funding

These do not apply to grants of £1000 and under.

Question 20 Equalities

Please answer all three parts as best you can. We are not looking for comprehensive policies – just some bullet points, for example: thorough training; information sessions, staff guidebook etc. In addition to information about your policies and procedures please outline how the aims of your project will contribute towards a, b, and c.

Examples of things which may be relevant to include are:

  • We have an equality and diversity policy. We ensure our staff receive equalities and diversity training. We actively encourage and support all sectors of the community including those having protected characteristics to take part in this project

  • We have an open and transparent recruitment and promotion policy

  • The organisation’s culture fully embraces diversity

  • Our constitution/ this project focuses on fostering good community relations across all sectors of society by...

  • This project will advance equality of opportunity for everyone by…

Documentation to be submitted

You only need to send same document once over 12 month period. If you have sent us your documents in the last 12 months please tell us the grant reference number to which they were attached if possible.

We would appreciate electronic document attachments. If, however, you only have a paper copy please write this in the documentation section and send a paper copy in to the Grants Officer.

  • Applications under £5,000 – no documents are required to be submitted with this application
  • Applications £5,000 and over – the latest annual accounts, adults safeguarding policy and child protection policy
Monitoring Information

This information will help us to plan and fund areas of work where there are significant gaps and needs. If you need to collect this information from your staff or service users then it is important that you give them a choice as to whether they choose to give this personal information.

Contact us

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Please read our terms and conditions before applying.