Rushmoor Local Solutions grant

Aldershot Park, Cherrywood and North Town

What we are looking for

We welcome applications from organisations that can develop and deliver solutions in the areas of need identified below.

These grants are part of our local solutions programme that will be made available in all districts of Hampshire, following work in local communities to identify need. These Local Solutions grants are for the Rushmoor area.

Background – why a focus on local solutions?

The vision for Adults’ Health and Care as detailed in the strategy is “for Hampshire residents to live long, healthy and happy lives with the maximum possible independence”. These grants are designed to support this vision and to likely prevent or delay them from requiring social care involvement in the near future.

Across Hampshire there are local initiatives, support networks and services achieving positive outcomes for adults every day. A strength-based approach values these local provisions and seeks to enable them to further develop, be sustained and grow. This approach recognises that the County Council is often not the only, or the best, source of help for local people.

Services developed though this locality focused approach (either through building capacity in existing provision or through new initiatives) are likely to enable early prevention support, as well as shaping options which may be attractive alternatives to some traditional services currently available for individuals, carers and families. This will help to ensure that local people have effective support available now and in to the future.

The prioritisation of localities to focus upon within this approach has been informed by data on demographics, existing and projected social care demand, and feedback from stakeholders. Alongside the Local Solution Grants, there will be grants for support and services which continue to be required via a model of countywide provision.

The focus and criteria for each Local Solution Grant has been shaped by engagement with local stakeholders. This engagement has informed identification of the local priorities, the outcomes which are important to be achieved and the potential type of solution which could be developed.  Some grants are more specific in what is being asked to be delivered and others outline more generally the focus of the change required. Across all, it will be looked for the successful bidder(s) to ensure local insight and expertise continue to shape the support and services as they further develop, in order to deliver positive outcomes.

Applicants are invited to provide a range of targeted services in Rushmoor, increasing capacity and building local resilience to deal with increased demand for Adults' Health services.

Solutions required

For all solutions required, partnership applications between two or more local organisations are welcomed.

The grant funding is available for training / delivery / equipment.

Facilitated Independent Living Skills Programme and Support Solutions Grant – up to £10,000

Target area: Aldershot Park, Cherrywood and North Town

It is expected that potential applicants will outline a community based programme that will involve independent living skill and knowledge development in relation to include the areas of cooking, budgeting, nutrition, volunteering and employment.

Direct referrals into any future programme will come from social care teams supporting older people, residents with physical disabilities, learning disabilities and those experiencing mental health issues, and therefore consideration is needed to engage, support and develop the knowledge of the intended beneficiaries. It is suggested that approximately 100 people per year will benefit from any funded programme. After any successful award, it is expected that the successful applicant/s will engage with the various social care teams in order to appropriately ‘pitch’ and structure any programme in order to maximise the intended beneficiaries involvement and engagement.

Whilst creativity in any programme design is expected, the beneficiaries are to be residents of the communities specified, and consideration of community-based delivery is needed.  To ensure sustainability and to maximise this opportunity to a wide audience including a small participant charge/contribution to attend any future programme would be acceptable.

It is expected that an element of any funding application may involve the purchasing of equipment/resources. There is an exclusion relating to the purchasing of IT equipment as part of this solutions grant.

There is also the expectation that for those referred clients that are unable to attend a community group programme that a separate strand of support is developed that provides a one-to-one support service to clients in their home environment. It is expected that 30 people will receive one-to-one support over the course of the grant period

Intergenerational Community Solutions Grant – up to £5,000

Target area: Cherrywood

The purpose of any future project/s is to contribute to a stronger sense of community, respect and understanding between the older and younger residents of the community and between the range of diverse communities within the wards. Based upon local stakeholder engagement it has been suggested that the younger generations of the varying ethnicities residing in the ward have a greater sense of understanding and mutual respect between cultures and integrate within their daily activities to a far greater extent than the older generations. This is subsequently leading to greater engagement with community activities and a greater sense of overall health and wellbeing.  It is suggested that the teenage young people in the community could serve as an inspiration and lead the way for creating a greater sense of community, participation and engagement within the ward for those residents over the age of 65 of varying ethnicities.  It is the perceived benefits for those residents over the age of 65 that may be socially isolated, disengaged, disillusioned and not connected with their community that are to be the focus of any such project/s and the intergenerational element would serve as a mechanism to achieve any such aims by bringing the varying ethnicities and ages together, to benefit both individual and collective  health and wellbeing.

It is expected that the successful applicant/s will co-produce the design of any intergenerational community project working with local stakeholders such as schools, churches, volunteer/community groups and will be open to all community members to engage with.

Money Management/Benefit Support Community Solutions Grant – up to £10,000

Target area: Aldershot Park, Cherrywood and North Town

To enable the offering of a responsive and flexible community based/ home visiting money management and benefit entitlement outreach support service in Aldershot Park, Cherrywood and North Town, that complements the existing support/provision offered through such services as the Citizens Advice Bureau/Jobcentre Plus/Christians Against Poverty and Prospect Estate Big Local across the specified communities. Within any application, knowledge of existing provision and how any future proposal would work alongside existing services is essential.

After any award alongside any direct referral it is envisaged that the County Council social care teams will be referring into any service/project and therefore a thorough understanding of the financial support needs of those clients being supported is required. Communication with County Council social care teams post award is essential to further develop the service proposal and implementation. It is expected that approximately 100 people will be supported through this project over the course of the grant fund.

Reducing Isolation Solutions Grant – up to £10,000

Target area: Aldershot Park, Cherrywood and North Town

To develop and co-ordinate a project to support socially isolated older people aged 65 and over in the areas of Aldershot Park, Cherrywood and North Town, in order to help reduce any negative impact to their wellbeing. It is envisaged that this project would support those people who suffer extreme social isolation and who are not in a position to be motivated or connected to community or social activities that offer a level of befriending support.

Creative Solutions – grants up to £5,000

Target area: Rushmoor borough

In addition to the specific areas of focus above, we are also interested in creative ideas which promote health, wellbeing and independence in the areas specified in the Rushmoor borough that will enable adults to lead long, healthy, happy lives with maximum possible independence, that in-turn will prevent or delay them from requiring social care involvement.

Work undertaken has identified development opportunities to support individuals with the following categories:

  • older people aged 65 and over
  • adults with learning disabilities
  • adults with physical disabilities
  • adults with mental health difficulties
Who should apply

We are seeking for well managed initiatives that are creative and engaging. Applications must demonstrate how the solution will become sustainable beyond the life of this grant, by for example securing funding from other sources, charging a small participant contribution or small membership fee. Successful applicants will receive information and support from the County Council to assist with the sustainable delivery of the solution in to the future.

A clear working understanding of Hampshire County Council policy and procedure is required.

Monitoring of outcomes and demonstration of value for monies provided will be critical to assessment of future scope for similar projects in other areas of Hampshire. Data collection required in order to assess and monitor the success of each project must be handled in accordance with GDPR legislation and Hampshire County Council procedures.

The individual solutions are expected to, where possible link in with other networks and agencies and across Hampshire to increase capacity and support for both users of services and their families and support network.

Period and amount

The term of the grant will be from August 2019 to July 2021. Grant applications for solutions in the range specified above, with the total grant fund available for Rushmoor being £40,000.

The amount of funding requested should reflect the extent to which the application meets part or all of the above criteria.

When and how to apply

All applications must be received by 10am on 17th June 2019 using the online application form.

The Adults' Health and Care department reserves the right to share contact details of applicants with one another where proposals are complimentary.


We will consider organisations that have developed proposed solutions fulfilling our criteria, and that will comply with mutually agreed reporting and monitoring requirements. We expect voluntary and community organisations to be active and based in Hampshire. We are unable to award funding to commercial enterprises and/or individuals acting in their own capacity.

Any application must ensure:

  • proposed solutions support the priorities and objectives of Adults’ Health and Care
  • proposed solutions are accessible to their intended beneficiaries
  • proposed solutions are for adults over 18 years living in Hampshire
  • every organisation in the application has a minimum of three people on its management committee as per Charity Commission guidelines
  • meet the service gaps identified and provide solutions which seek to mitigate them.
  • These grant solutions have been created after consultation with users, providers, town and parish councils.

And where appropriate, depending on the grant sum requested, the organisation shall:

  • evidence policies in place relevant to the level of funding applied for
  • have a specific adult/child protection policy which includes obtaining checks carried out by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) in relation to regulated activities
  • have in place insurance arrangements in respect of staff, volunteers, users and third parties

If core costs are to be funded, organisations must show how this relates to delivery of service and accomplishment of grants priorities.


We can't fund:

  • proposed solutions or applying organisations that do not meet the programme’s eligibility
  • proposed solutions that are already provided under contract to the Adults’ Health and Care Department
  • proposed solutions that are solely within the unitary authority areas of Portsmouth City Council and Southampton City Council
  • any party political activity
  • proposed solutions that cater for one religious group, or promote or incite discriminatory practice
  • funding cannot be used for proposed solutions where there is a responsibility for them to be funded from the local precept, school or other service funds

Organisations will not normally be eligible for grants where they hold unallocated reserves in excess of one year's running costs, or where it is judged that these reserves are unreasonably in excess of what is required or not allocated for legitimate purposes. Those organisations receiving recurring funding which hold unallocated reserves in excess of three months' running costs may receive a reduced grant.

The Adults’ Health and Care Grant Programme has adopted the Charity Commission’s reserves policy in this respect. The Charity Commission’s definition of reserve is:

"Reserves are that part of a charity's unrestricted funds that is freely available to spend on any of the charity's purposes. This definition excludes restricted income funds and endowment funds, although holding such funds may influence a charity's reserves policy. Reserves will also normally exclude tangible fixed assets held for the charity's use and amounts designated for essential future spending”.