Neighbourhood Care and Support grant

Applications are invited to provide an umbrella organisation to support and provide advice to neighbourhood level organisations working across the whole of Hampshire to meet the needs of isolated, vulnerable and frail people. Whilst the expected beneficiaries are to include older people, there is an additional expectation that the organisation awarded the grant will facilitate the conditions for neighbourhood level organisations to extend their support to individuals with mental health needs, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, long term conditions, sensory impairment/loss and unpaid carers, to reflect the wider focus of Adults’ Health and Care.

The role of the umbrella organisation will be to promote, support and develop neighbourhood level groups to thrive by helping them provide safe, sustainable support and provide advice to enable them to utilise their resources and assist them to develop support that meets the needs of their community. This will include enabling neighbourhood groups to engage in programmes designed to encourage changes in behaviour that have a positive effect on the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities (such as Trigger Tool, Connect5 and Making Every Contact Count). The awarded organisation will also promote and raise awareness of Connect to Support Hampshire website, including linking to Connect to Support Hampshire website from the organisation’s own website.

Applicants need to demonstrate how they will work with existing neighbourhood level groups and also focus resources to developing new groups/activities both in response to local identified community needs and also in geographical areas where there may be a lack of neighbourhood level organisations offering support.   This will involve describing how they will support the continued development of preventative services through best practice, training and development, as well as offer DBS Checks, policy and networking support.

Applicants will also need to demonstrate their approach to future sustainability beyond the term of this grant and build into their application alternative and additional funding sources to that of Hampshire County Council to demonstrate creativity, innovation and a non-dependence on Hampshire County Council as a source of funding.

The Service is expected to demonstrate outcomes in line with the above, this is expected to include:

  • Volunteer contact hours with those in the community needing support
  • Volunteer connections and collaborative activity with other local assets and services
  • Additional funding raised, in particular funding from local sources (Applicants need to demonstrate that the grant will only fund the service up to 60%)
  • The preventative nature of the service- how it is helping to reduce social isolation and loneliness and enabling vulnerable adults to remain healthy and independent in their communities.
  • How individuals accessing the service have had their needs met
  • Number of clients supported by the scheme.
Period and amount

The term of the grant will be for 1 year finishing on the 31st March 2023. Grant applications for solutions in the range of £60,000 are expected. The amount of funding requested should reflect the extent to which the application meets part or all of the above criteria.

Deadlines and process
All applications must be received by 27 November using the application form and process.

The department reserves the right to share contact details of applicants with one another where proposals are complimentary.


We will consider organisations that have developed proposed solutions fulfilling our criteria, and that will comply with mutually agreed reporting and monitoring requirements that directly relate to the prevention, diversion and delay of individuals requiring Adult’s Health and Care support . We expect voluntary and community organisations to be active and based in Hampshire. We are unable to award funding to commercial enterprises and/or individuals acting in their own capacity.

Any application must ensure:

  • proposed solutions support the priorities and objectives of Adults’ Health and Care
  • proposed solutions are for adults over 18 years living in Hampshire
  • every organisation in the application has a minimum of 3 people on its management committee as per Charity Commission guidelines
  • evidence policies in place relevant to the level of funding applied for
  • have a specific adult/child protection policy which includes obtaining checks carried out by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) in relation to regulated activities
  • have in place insurance arrangements in respect of staff, volunteers, users and third parties

If core costs are to be funded, organisations must show how this relates to delivery of service and accomplishment of grants priorities.

  • proposed solutions or applying organisations that do not meet the programme’s eligibility
  • proposed solutions that are already provided under contract to the Adults’ Health and Care Department
  • capital grants (i.e. for equipment repair, maintenance and routine improvements) – there is funding in place elsewhere, but this programme is for projects only
  • generic counselling services
  • proposed solutions that are solely within the unitary authority areas of Portsmouth City Council and Southampton City Council
  • any party political activity
  • proposed solutions that cater for one religious group, or promote or incite discriminatory practice
  • funding cannot be used for proposed solutions where there is a responsibility for them to be funded from the local precept, school or other service funds

Organisations will not normally be eligible for grants where they hold unallocated reserves in excess of one year's running costs, or where it is judged that these reserves are unreasonably in excess of what is required or not allocated for legitimate purposes. Those organisations receiving recurring funding which hold unallocated reserves in excess of three months' running costs may receive a reduced grant.

The Adults’ Health and Care Grant Programme has adopted the Charity Commission’s reserves policy in this respect. The Charity Commission’s definition of reserve is:

Reserves are that part of a charity's unrestricted funds that is freely available to spend on any of the charity's purposes. This definition excludes restricted income funds and endowment funds, although holding such funds may influence a charity's reserves policy. Reserves will also normally exclude tangible fixed assets held for the charity's use and amounts designated for essential future spending
How to apply

To apply for this grant, use the online application form: