Policy and Resources one-off grant

The Executive Member for Policy and Resources has responsibility across the whole range of County Council activities and is able through its grants budget to give financial help to organisations which, for a variety of reasons, may not qualify for assistance from other grants streams available.

Grant criteria and eligibility

The following should be taken into consideration when preparing a submission for funding. They are intended as guidelines and not prescriptive rules.

1. Assistance will be considered only in response to direct applications from properly constituted organisations seeking assistance. You must show in your application that your organisation is properly and legally organised.

2. Where appropriate, applications will be referred to the relevant service department (e.g. Adult Services, Culture, Communities and Business Services, Children’s Services, etc) for consideration.

3. Preference will be given to applications for specific projects or activities rather than general running costs of organisations. These grants are not intended to replace shortfalls in service delivery budgets or replace funding for other support you may be able to obtain, or that you have obtained from us in the past.

4. Grants will not usually be made in respect of applications from the following:-District or Parish Councils

  • Government Institutions
  • Schools
  • Overseas and out of County organisations which have no direct Hampshire involvement
  • Branches or organisations assisted centrally with a sum from the County Council
  • Bodies requesting funds for onward distribution to other charities e.g. mayoral appeals, carnivals, fetes, or for their own fundraising events.

5. Applications will not be accepted from political parties or groups affiliated with a political party or from lobbying/campaigning organisations.

6. Applications will only be considered from faith groups who can demonstrate their facilities are open and used by the local community other than for church related activities and then only for works in relation to the Disability Discrimination Act.

7. Requests may be considered from County wide groups (e.g. Guides, Scouts, Hampshire County Youth Orchestra) for specific trips, e.g. for an international jamboree or cultural tour. Individual requests will not usually be considered.

8. Where possible self-help within organisations should be encouraged and to this end, grants are normally a percentage of the sum required to complete the project.

9. As a general rule, grants in excess of £5,000 will not be awarded.

10. In general, grants are only awarded to projects which are taking place in the same year as application for funds.

Approval process

Applications for grants must demonstrate how their project or initiative contributes to one or more of the key aims of the Serving Hampshire Strategic Plan for 2017 to 2021:

  • Hampshire maintains strong and sustainable economic growth and prosperity
  • People in Hampshire live safe, healthy and independent lives
  • People in Hampshire enjoy a rich and diverse environment
  • People in Hampshire enjoy being part of strong, inclusive communities

Your request will be passed to an officer of the County Council to consider the appropriateness of the grant application. Subject to this being satisfactory, a recommendation is put before the Executive Member for Policy and Resources for him to consider. Applicants are usually advised of the decision within three weeks of the meeting and, if successful, asked to accept, sign and return the terms and conditions page. Payment of the grant will be made shortly after receipt of this.

When to apply

Applications are received throughout the year and formal Decision Days are typically scheduled on a monthly basis excluding August and November.

How much can I apply for?

As a general rule, grants in excess of £5,000 will not be awarded.

Contact us

If you require further information, please contact the Grants team:

Email policyresources.grants@hants.gov.uk