Talented Young People in Sport grant application notes

Detailed guidance for completing the application form

Applications need to be submitted electronically using the link at the bottom of this page.
You will see confirmation of your application and a grant reference number upon submission.
Questions 1 to 6

Question 1 - Please tell us which Grant Sector/Grant stream you are applying to:

Grant Sector: Policy and Resources Grants
Grant Stream: Talented Young People in Sport
Is your grant: Under £1000 (we will not award any grant over £1000)
Your Organisation Name: Insert applicant’s name
Postcode: Postcode
Charity Number: Please put applicant’s date of birth

Question 2 - Contact details of applicant (e.g. organisation):

Applicant Name: Applicant Name
Applicant address: Applicant Address
Postcode: Postcode
Website: Name of school that applicant attends
Are you applying as part of a consortia: No

Question 3 - How would you describe the applicant?

Choose Individual or Other. Clarify by putting the Applicant’s main sport.

Question 4 - The main contact person

Please add contact details for the parent/guardian of the applicant. Position in Organisation – put Parent or Carer.

Question 5 - Umbrella Group or Larger Organisation

Choose Yes and then enter the name of the sports club to which the applicant belongs.

Question 6 - Aims and Objectives

Describe applicants sporting aim/ambition – what they are hoping to achieve.

Questions 7 to 10

Question 7 - Title of your project/service/activity

Enter Applicant’s Sport

Question 8 - Details of your project/service/activity

  • Summary – Enter the level at which the applicant competes e.g. District, County, National. Please also include current ranking

  • Details of project/activity – Please give your reasons for applying for a grant and, if successful, what difference it will make

  • Intended Outcomes – For the year prior to the application, please report on competitions entered, level, result/place  and where applicable, placing in a similar competition last year ( to give an indication of progress)

  • How you involve users/participants in the development of your project – Please give full name, email address and telephone number of sports coach who can provide a reference for the applicant

Question 9 - Frequency of Activity

Enter ‘yes’ for ongoing.

Question 10 - Geographical area

Tick the area that the applicant lives in.

Questions 11 to 15

Question 11 - Financial Reserves

Enter ‘No’

Question 12 - Expenditure

Please detail all your costs to participate in your sport (suggested headings: specialist clothing/equipment, travel, club fees, training costs).

Question 13 - Income – Does not apply to this grant.

Question 14 - Finance Summary – Total Income: enter £0. Funding requested from HCC: Enter the amount you are asking for.

a) Please explain your personal circumstances and why financial assistance is needed for your child to progress in their chosen sport. 
b) Enter N/A
c) Enter Yes or No

Question 15 - Does not apply

Questions 16 to 20

Question 16 - Does not apply

Question 17 - Does not apply

Question 18 - Does not apply

Question 19 - Does not apply

Question 20 - Equalities

Please include a short statement which reflects your beliefs – for example: ‘Whilst I am participating in my sport I will uphold the best traditions of my sport and treat everybody fairly and with respect’.

Please complete the rest of the form as it reads. We do not require you to attach any documentation and will contact you by email for further information should we need it.

Monitoring Information

This information will help us to plan and fund areas of work where there are significant gaps and needs. If you need to collect this information from your staff or service users then it is important that you give them a choice as to whether they choose to give this personal information.

Contact us

Children's Services Grant Officer

Telephone 01962 876343

Email [email protected]

This grant is currently closed as we are undergoing changes to the application process. Please check back here in the coming months to see when this grant will go live again. We thank you for your patience.

Please read our terms and conditions before applying.

Applications should be submitted electronically. If you are unable to do this please complete the pdf form below and send it to the relevant grant department.

Talented young people in sport form for grants over £1000