Eligibility and project guidance

We will consider supporting all projects that:

  • deliver improvements outlined in the area's Countryside Access Plans and/or
  • provide a long-term benefit to the local community and access network where there is a local need

Before the project can be delivered, you must: 

  • provide evidence that the project is supported by the parish/town council and landowner (if not the applicant)
  • provide a specification that complies with the Countryside Service standard specifications for practical projects as a minimum requirement (see project guidance section below)

Priority will be given to projects that demonstrate the greatest benefit to the rights of way network, its users, and the local community it serves. This includes the creation of circular, stile free routes on the rights of way network.

Project guidance

  • For practical improvements on rights of way, ensure you refer to the Countryside Service standard specifications as these represent the minimum requirement. The 'For all Projects' document should be read in conjunction with any of the individual guides
  • If the work is to be completed by a contractor, make sure you get at least two quotes for projects over £2,000. You will be responsible for ensuring the contractor has adequate employers’ liability insurance and public liability insurance, supervising the work and ensuring that it is carried out to a suitable standard
  • For surfacing projects, Source4Me has a useful building materials estimation calculator
  • Two of the main suppliers for gates are Centrewire and Secure-a-field. They are also available from many agricultural suppliers
  • We recommend galvanised metal gates due to longevity, lower maintenance requirements and ease of installation