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Provision of Occupational Health Physician Resources (Market Engagement)

Market Engagement - Provision of Occupational Health Physician Resources

Hampshire County Council (The Council) is seeking information and guidance for the delivery of Occupational Health Physician resources for its nurse led Occupational Health Service for Hampshire County Council, Hampshire Constabulary, Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service and Schools.

The current requirements being performed under the Service are: • Case management • Post Offer Medical Questionnaire assessments where necessary (including pension re-joiners)• Ill Health Retirement Assessments (SMP, IRMP, IQMP) • Injury on Duty Assessments
Interaction with the current OH software for clinical record keeping is essential. The Service needs to be able to meet both current and future requirements for face to face clinics based at our office in Eastleigh, Hampshire, for 51 weeks of the year, with consistency of Physician and appropriate cover for absence.

The Council would like to understand how experienced suppliers in the marketplace feel these requirements might best be met and is therefore carrying out a soft market testing exercise to engage in informal dialogue. The Council is open to discussion on all potential models of service delivery as well as a discussion of different client and contract management models.

If you are interested in delivering these services please attach yourself to the project via the In-tend system at
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