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Provision of External Specialist Learning and Development Services - Market Engagement

Provision of External Specialist Learning and Development Services - Market Engagement

Hampshire County Council is currently exploring options for its learning and development needs. It is anticipated that the services will require a range of training courses, staff development courses and consultancy services for Councils employees and service users. The provider must understand the challenges of learning and development and yet be dedicated to outstanding customer service and creating quality relationships.

The County Council's learning and development budgets are maintained locally by each team and department, therefore we are exploring the requirement for a strategic partner to:

- influence learning strategies;

- drive lower costs;

- reduce administration;

- greater control and visibility;

- quality training provision;

- benchmark suppliers against a strict criteria of quality and cost.

This prior information notice is to signal an intention to commence market engagement initially with a market insights questionnaire.

There is no requirement to complete all questions contained within the document however any information you could provide will help the Council make better, informed decisions.

Additionally, the Council may seek views, ideas and feedback on its requirements and may issue information via its tendering portal for our consideration.

As part of the process, we are looking to engage with providers who would be interested in delivering this service, and/or have experience of delivering similar services.

More information is available within the In-tend system at

If your organisation is not registered on the Hampshire In-tend portal, please go to the website stated above and click on the 'Register' tab - registration is free.

Logging into In-Tend (once registered)

- To view this opportunity please click on 'Tenders' then 'Current' and then scroll down to the project

- Selecting 'View Details' on the relevant opportunity

- Clicking the 'Express Interest' tab

- Following the on-screen instructions

- More information is available via the Synopsis button, where you will find a .zip file contain Spend Information and the Questionnaire

Please submit your responses and feedback by 17:00 on Monday, 7 September 2020 via In-Tend Correspondence.

We recommend that you refer to the e-tendering guidance for suppliers which can be found by clicking on 'Information for Suppliers' at the top of the In-Tend home page.

All communication should be via the Correspondence function on the project.


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