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Section 38 Notice, Southampton Common

Southampton City Council has applied to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for consent under section 38 of the Commons Act 2006 to carry out restricted works on Southampton Common. The Planning Inspectorate will decide the application on behalf of the Secretary of State.











Consultation from Southampton City Council in Southampton area

The proposed works are:

(i) the installation of permanent hard surfacing on existing highway (carriageway and footway) and on 8 small parcels of existing highway verge;

(ii) the installation of permanent highway and traffic related structures comprising cycle lane segregators, signage, lighting upgrades, dropped kerb crossings, and traffic signals; and

(iii) the temporary erection of fencing for health and safety purposes to facilitate (i) and (ii) above as well as to facilitate the removal of unnecessary hard surfacing from the highway and the relaying of grass turf,

which together will deliver the Southampton Cycle Network along the Avenue.

The Full scheme includes;

Side roads including Westwood Road, Winn Road and both Cowherds accesses will be converted to continuous footways, shifting priority to cycle and pedestrians. This will change how traffic perceives the road creating a safer and attractive route for cycling along a busy stretch of road. All continuous footways will be treated with Textprint to show continuity with the previous 3 phases of work on The Avenue. A new staggered toucan crossing across The Avenue just north of Winn Road will be installed. This will improve access to the common at a location that is already a pedestrian desire line between Winn Road and The Cowherds and playpark.

Four bus stops along the route will be converted to floating bus islands with cycle lane integration, matching that of the Inner Avenue southbound bus stops. Two of these bus stops are near the footpath of Oakmont Avenue which connects on to The Avenue and the other two bus stops are near the subway which runs under The Avenue connecting The Common.

Installation of an uncontrolled tactile crossing on Highfield Road at the junction of The Avenue.

North and South bound cycle lanes on the carriageway which will have light segregation. Bolt down Orca cycle segregation units will be used at 10m spacings in conjunction with cycle lane markings.

Some lighting columns are to be relocated in footways and improved lighting upgrades will be installed on all columns along the route.

New signage will be erected to highlight the changes made.

Loss of some grass verge areas but this will be offset by providing an equal amount of green space in return.

The proposed works of hard surfacing total approximately 2905.4 square metres and are on existing carriageway and footway along the Avenue save for 123 square metres which are on highway verge

Due to Government advice in respect of Coronavirus (COVID019), a copy of the application form will not be left in a public area for viewing. However, a copy of the application form and accompanying documents may be obtained online at The application form and documents will be available until 18th December 2020.

In view of the pandemic, any representations should, where possible be sent only by email ON or BEFORE that date to

Representations sent to The Planning Inspectorate cannot be treated as confidential. They will be copied to the applicant and possibly to other interested parties. For information about how The Planning Inspectorate processes personal information please see the Common Land Privacy Policy at

Dated 20th November 2020

Richard Ivory, Solicitor

Service Director, Legal and Business Operations

Southampton & Fareham Legal Services Partnership


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