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Traffic Enforcement Detection Equipment - Market Engagement

Market Engagement - Traffic Enforcement Detection Equipment

Hampshire County Council (HCC) is releasing this Prior Information Notice (PIN) on behalf of Hampshire Constabulary, Thames Valley Police and Joint Operations Roads Policing Unit to advise the market of intentions to put in place a contract for the supply of Home Office approved devices in respect of traffic enforcement detection equipment.
A PIN has been issued to gauge market interest and initiate engagement and dialogue between Hampshire Constabulary and parties interested in supplying equipment, maintenance and calibration of speed detection equipment to discuss possible solutions and market offerings, as detailed below. The engagement process may involve questionnaires, request for information and possibly one-to-one meetings with interested parties (via Teams if required). All meetings shall adhere to Governmental advice in respect of Covid-19.

As well as to gauge market interest and initiate dialogue on technology advancements, Hampshire Constabulary (HC) and Thames Valley Police (TVP) are keen to engage with suppliers who supply Home Office type approved devices and those suppliers that have technology awaiting approval. HC and TVP are also interested in discussing if technology is limited to enforcement or expanded to end to end processes.

This early market engagement is open to ALL potential suppliers for the supply of traffic enforcement detection equipment and provides an opportunity to contribute to the development of the procurement strategy and determining the route to market. Furthermore, this activity will assist Hampshire Constabulary and Thames Valley in specifying their requirements, identify suitable technological solutions and gain market intelligence of how the market could meet their requirements.
Hampshire and Thames Valley have some of the busiest road networks, including SMART motorways, in the UK.
Please see the following for further information of Hampshire Constabulary and Thames Valley Police

If you are interested in this market engagement, please attach yourself to the project via the In-tend system at project ref HC12205.
The deadline for interest is 28th February 2021.


Claire Jupp